2021 Dodge Challenger Price, Specs, Preview & Release Date

2021 Dodge Challenger Changes

For those who love a race car, you must be waiting for the 2021 Dodge Challenger to come. Or, if your desire is to look masculine, then just riding this muscle car on the road.

Since it was first introduced to the market, people know the Dodge Challenger for many purposes. Besides it is matched with the manly typically people and race lovers, this car is also convenient to use as a family car.

Before the car stands on the showroom, the company has promised the market that there will be impressive upgrades on it. So, you can expect several changes from the latest model.

Even though some others consider that its design is not significantly changed. However, like one of the trusted American automobile manufacturers, Dodge always develops its car through the engine, appearance, and recent technology for customer’s needs.

Short Story About Dodge Challenger

Dodge put the Challenger name in 1959 for the first time. It was very useful to upscale the marketing value for the full-sized Coronet Silver Challenger. But, actually, the first generation of Dodge Challenger was the 1970 model year.

The company produced the car to compete with Mercury Cougar and Pontiac Firebird among the pony car market segment. Within this move, it became the potent of next Dodge Challenger in the future.

The second generation was begun with the 1978 model year. During this generation, the company redesigned the car in 1981 until the third generation was born. This was the period when the Dodge Challenger started to change its design. Indeed, Dodge Challenger kept its market to the pony car lovers for the first time.

In 2014, when Dodge celebrated the 100th-anniversary edition, Dodge started to transform. They put many changes, such as the engine, color options, until the features inside.

In 2015, Dodge Challenger got a facelift and more obviously like a muscle car. Its exterior was revamped with a new grille design, the transmission was changed with a new automatic transmission, the trim was replaced with higher performance and many other changes.

As years went by, in 2019, Dodge released a new high performance of Challenger. Numerous tweaks and changes were made, that is why now the all-wheel drive is available.

Knowing the journey of Dodge Challenger above, it seems like the company always has something new to offer. They never stop innovating in beating its competitor in the market. Since the new Dodge Challenger rumor spread, here are the highlights you might want to know

2021 Dodge Challenger Exterior

Many people predict that 2021 Dodge Challenger will come with the same look as its old brother. The company seems to want to set the muscle-car design like the 2008 model year, tough and heavy shape.

So, you will see a traditional design with aggressive hood options, a boldface bottom part, a full rear end, sharp corners, many wheel options, and a widebody appearance.

Talking about the size, probably it is still in a tiny dimension but more substantial. Today many manufacturers are using a certain technology to reduce body weight. By doing that, they are able to boost the all-round performance even not always promising a smooth gliding.

2021 Dodge Challenger Interior

One thing that interesting is its detail. The cabin on this new Dodge Challenger would be $1 of the passenger seat. Even the look inside is not much attractive and considered very simple, this one attracts the public.

Because Dodge lovers never expect a luxurious and impressive cabin design. As long as the model offers speed performance and great acceleration, the cabin is not a big thing to achieve.

2021 Dodge Challenger Concept Interior


However, Dodge doesn’t ignore the technology inside. They still concern about the customer’s satisfaction with entertainment. So, you will find the 7-inch touchscreen to enjoy the music and video, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and many others. Don’t be worry if you want more technologies, Dodge has prepared the dual-zone climate control, recent navigation control system, and more. At least, you may wish for the same features as the previous one.

For the safety features, you should not be a worry. It has through the IIHS safety testing and achieved “Good” ratings in two of five tests. There are automatic emergency braking, forward-collision warning, and other features that rate this car into the safe one.

Powerful Engine Performance

The most predicted engine to run is a 3.6-liter V6 engine. This one is able to result up to 305 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque at the same time. The reason why people guess this engine type because it is the worthy one due to its price. Also, it is typically the substitute for an all-wheel-drive family car.

The other will be the R/T model complies with a 5.7-liter V8 engine. It could produce a 375 horsepower, while the R/T Scat Pack with a 6.4-liter V8 engine makes an impressive 485 horsepower. The particular superpower is the true Hellcat Redeye model which boasts 797-horsepower with its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine.

2021 Dodge Challenger Configurations

2021 Dodge Challenger Price & Release Date

The basic model will have a price that starts at $28,000 – $30,000. The range depends on your location and how much you prepare the hard-cash pay. But even though the company sells higher than $50,000, the 2021 Dodge Challenger still has its group of fans.

If you are asking about the release date, the company has not informed the official date yet. But you can expect the debut on the same period as its previous model which is a fall session. This muscle car is worth to wait, even so, its competitors like Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang have been in the market before.