2021 Genesis G90 Preview, Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 Genesis G90 Fuel Economy

One of the luxury sedans that always become top ranking, Genesis G90 soon will release its new version, 2021 Genesis G90. This news, of course, results in the excitement of sedans lovers.

Although there is no discovery on the exact date of the release or the car’s specification, we still can guess it. After all, in these three years, G90 never does a significant change, whether on the exterior, interior, or the engine.

So, this year, you can expect the newest version of G90 that similar to the previous version. However, you can hope that this Hyundai’s car will fix the previous car weakness and improve overall performance.

2021 Genesis G90 Exterior Facelift

Overall, the exterior of Genesis G90 doesn’t change that much, except in 2020 where the change was very visible. Last Genesis G90 has undergone a drastic change in outer appearance compared to 2018 or even 2019.

The previous Genesis G90’s appearance is totally different from the other version that is released before. After all, the company changes every panel except the roof and the door, so it’s no wonder that the last Genesis G90 looks different.

Then, how about 2021 Genesis G90? As there is yet news to it, we can’t be sure of the change of this car exterior this time. However, based on the change in the previous version, there is a possibility that the Genesis G90 this time will go through a minor change.

Since the appearance of Genesis G90 is already elegant and luxurious, there is no need to undergo a drastic change.

2021 Genesis G90 Interior

There is nothing much in the interior of Genesis G90 that changes from time to time. You can say, the interior of this car tends to stay the same whether it is 2018 Genesis G90 or 2020 Genesis G90.

First is the seat’s materials. Every seat of this car in every version use Nappa leather upholstery. This makes this car’s seats are very comfortable.

The number of seats also stays the same, which is five seats with a power-adjustable passenger seat. Moreover, there is also a heated and ventilated front seat and the heated rear seat so your comfort will be guaranteed.

Still, the Genesis G90 through a change on the interior part in the last release, though it’s only a minor change. One of the parts that get the update is the dashboard display. In addition to the dashboard, there are also changes in the texture of the car.

Meanwhile, the interior doesn’t change that much, it can’t be said to the features of Genesis G90. From the first release to the recent release, the features of this car always get updated. The newest version of Genesis G90 has an infotainment display for the interior.

There are also driver-assistance features in the recent Genesis G90 to help you drive the car. On top of that, the newest version of this car has added the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that will help you navigate the car in an easier way. These features can work well because the Genesis G90 also get a touchscreen.

Based on those changes from time to time, the interior of the Genesis G90 that will be released soon may stay the same. But, you still can expect some update, especially in the features.

Engine Specs & Performance

The Engine and the performance of this car are the good points of Genesis G90. That’s why it’s not surprising that the engine for this car remains the same. Genesis G90 regardless of the release year uses the twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 that can produce 365 horsepower.

Another engine is 5.0-liter-V8 which can produce 420 horsepower. Both engines can work well with the eight-automatic transmission.

Genesis G90 has two kinds of transmission system which are the rear-wheel-drive that becomes standard and all-wheel-drive for either engine. Also, this car uses the same fuel economy that unfortunately becomes its weakness.

If we look into the performance and the engine that this car uses, then in the next version of Genesis G90, it still will use the same engine. After all, the engine works well and has a lot of power.

The Safety System

Every good car will have a good safety system, and that also works in Genesis G90. From years to years, this car always updating its safety system. The current Genesis G90 has 9 new safety system or update them.

One of the safety systems that becomes a key is Highway Driving Assist. With this safety system, the car you’re driving will keep the position in the center of the street. Also, when the turn signal is turning on, you will see the blind spot monitor shows video of that side.

Other than Highway Driving Assist, the safety systems of this car are Lane Following Assist, rear cross-traffic avoidance assist, a blind-spot monitor, and many more.

2021 Genesis G90 The Release Date And Price

Even though there is still no news regarding the 2021 Genesis G90, we can still deduce this car’s price. If we look at this car’s price from all of those years, we can guess that this car costs about $70,000 or above. And as for releasing date, we can hope that Genesis G90 will release soon this year.

As one of the favorite sedans, there are a lot of people that anticipate the 2021 Genesis G90 release. So, what are the changes or the updates that this car will bring to satisfy the consumers? To answer that question, we can wait until the official news.