2021 Honda Fit USA Redesign, Pricing & Specification

2021 Honda Fit Redesign Front Angle Orange Color

Honda Fit is one of Japan’s hatchback cars that has succeeded in getting attention from the U.S. and North American citizens. This compact car is the alternative for those who want Honda Civic but have little money to buy it.

So, Honda introduced Honda Fit as an alternative car with a lower price than the Honda Civic in 2007. Now, Honda Fit is coming back with a 2021 Honda Fit.

Most people who choose Honda Fit have simple personalities and demand high mobility. This car reached its popularity when the paparazzi snapped Honda Fit in Mark Zuckerberg’s house. Facebook’s CEO shows that one billionaire uses a simple, compact, and affordable car rather than a fancy car.

The last version of Honda Fit enhanced ineffective fuel consumption and engine power. Not only inside the engine, but Honda also upgrades the exterior design, especially in front lamps and tail lamps that change from the previous model. Also, the interior is edgier, so it makes refreshments for a compact hatchback car.

2021 Honda Fit Configurations

Most people say that the Honda fit is one of the most affordable hatchback cars in the U.S. and North America. This car has several trims that have already been released in the U.S. and North America, such as the LX series and EX series.

Both trims have two types of engines. The first is the standard engine and with the CVT engine. Then, the EX-L is the highest trim of Honda Fit, equipped only with a CVT engine.

The 2021 Honda Fit has seven trims levels, including LX MT, LX CVT, Sport MT, EX-MT, Sport CVT, EX CVT, and EX-L.

The updated version of the Honda Fit is edgier with a swept-back windshield. The iconic acres glass is used as the identity of the Honda Fit. Also, Honda is trying to combine hatchback cars and crossover cars using wheel arches that give fender flares made from plastic. 

The New Engine Performance

Honda Fit 2021 still makes efficient fuel consumption its priority. So, it is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5-liter. The engine performs a maximum of 130 horsepower and 14 pound-feet of torque. The engine acceleration can reach 60 mph in 9 seconds, and the top speed reaches 115 mph.

Also, Honda Fit still uses DOHC direct-injection engine with i-VTEC Technology. You can choose one of two types of transmission. First is a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, also known as Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Honda Fit also has a decent fuel consumption, earning an EPA-estimated 29 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highways. Due to its economical fuel consumption and good reliability, the Honda Fit is suitable for commuting, including ride-sharing or food delivery services such as DoorDash.

Interior & Technology inside Honda Fit 2021

The interior, New Honda Fit, gives larger legroom, about 4.8-inches from 52.7 cubic feet of the total space. This five-seat passenger car has a simple and minimalist interior, giving a simple personality to those who own it. Also, this car has become one of the most valuable cars that give more space inside.

2021 Honda Fit Dashboard

For Technology, there is Bluetooth connectivity, so you can make a call and listen to music by connecting your mobile phone. Also, for the highest trim LX with Navi, Navi System provides a complete navigation system developed and connected to Honda Satellites.

So, it will help you when your GPS signal is too bad in the rural area. Other tools help you in time efficiency, such as the intelligent starter push button, LaneWatch System by Honda, and also 7 inches touch screen LCD in the dashboard.

In the safety aspect, Honda is trying to make a safer car than the previous version. The airbags are a must, but they also add electronic stability control, a wide-angle rearview camera, and a hill-start assist. Also, the support software for the Honda Fit is such as the Navi and LaneWatch.

2021 Honda Fit Price List

Here is the SRP price list for the Honda Fit in the United States:

Honda Fit LX MT $16,190
Honda Fit LX CVT$16,990
Honda Fit Sport MT$17,500
Honda Fit EX-MT$18,160
Honda Fit Sport CVT$18,300
Honda Fit EX CVT$18,960
Honda Fit EX-L$20,520

When you want to buy it, you need to think about the offers that come to you. There are two ways to drive the new Honda Fit. First, use lease deals that allow you to rent the car from the dealer maximum of 4 years. The lease deals offers are a 10% Down Lease Deal and a $0 Down Lease Deal.

When you sign the contract, you need to pay the down payment. It costs $3,772 for 10% down lease deal and $2,072 for $0 down lease deal. Then, the installment is around $189 for 42 months and $229 for 48 months.

Then, if you want to buy it, you can apply for an auto loan in finance. The finance offers around $1,700 due to signing contracts. Thus, the installment is about $260 per month for 84 months. These costs due at signing include the tax, title, and license. So, you do not need to worry about the legality of the car.

2021 Honda Fit Trunk Capacity

2021 Honda Fit Release Date

The upcoming Honda Fit will release in the U.S. and North America around the last quarter of 2020. But Honda is not yet confirmed the exact time when they will launch the new Honda Fit 2021 in America. The rumor said that the new Honda Fit would launch at Detroit Auto Show at the end of 2020.

For instance, Honda Fit is one of the most affordable cars with a complete package, and it’s perfect for young couples or even older people. Yes, this car is perfect for empty nesters.

Honda makes tremendous progress and accelerates its performance by upgrading all aspects. The latest version is the best version that they have now. So, if you want to buy a 2021 Honda Fit, you have no time to think twice. You can rent it using a lease deal or purchase it using an auto loan from finance.

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