2021 Kia Rio Facelift, Interior, New MHEV Engine Review & Price

2021 Kia Rio Price & Release Date

The public was surprised when the new 2021 Kia Rio caught on the street in the middle of extreme winter. The company seemed to want to prove the toughness of its car on a snowy road in Scandinavia. The car was covered with a black sticker, so people were wondering what’s behind. Actually, 2021 is not the all-new version. Even it is a facelift one, the vehicle comes up with some impressive touches.

As we mentioned that the 2021 Kia Rio is a facelift car, so there are not many changes in it. However, for those who expect something new, the company has refreshed the exterior and interior. You will find the more modern and futuristic car in this 2021 model. So, if you are typically a driver who hits an urban environment, this model offers you a stylish, comfortable, and affordable car to own.

A Glance About Kia Rio

The Kia Rio was firstly introduced in 1999 and now it is in the fourth generation. When Kia Motors launched the Kia Rio first generation, it came out with two standard models: four-door and five-door body station wagon style. However, it was really mass-produced and sold out in the United States.

In 2005, the second generation born based on a redesigned shared with the Hyundai Accent. The engine was upgraded, the interior and exterior were increased, and some features were put. Also, the 5-door hatchback replaced the station wagon. The third-generation debut was in 2011 and still inspired by the Hyundai Accent.

Now Kia Rio is in its fourth generation which introduced itself for the first time in 2016 at the Paris Motor Show. The company changed its design and engine to answer market needs. So, that is all about the 2021 model. Seeing at glance, 2021 Rio has a new touch for the bumper section and the upper part was set lower.

2021 Kia Rio Redesign – New Rio Facelift Brings Subtle Styling Tweaks, Big Content Upgrades

A lot of things happened in Kia Rio. Since its first generation, Kia Rio was redesigned for times and recently it is available in the 2021 model. Probably you are wondering what’s new in this version. We have collected some clues and below is the highlight of the new Kia Rio:


You can see the obvious refreshment from its color and the front grille. But, the most impressive shock is from the LED headlights with a different shape than the previous one. The signature of “U” design lights with larger lanterns behind.

Through the fog light, we think that the spot is still in the same position as before. The other refreshment comes from the rear window which seems to change the sheet metal. Also, the taillights got a little change even though look similar to the current one.

Interior Updates

Since it has not opened yet to the market, some people try to make a prediction for this car interior design. They expect the company keeps its simplicity even they put the new seats and trim designs. Several fans hope for a more spacious backseat and cargo volume. Because just like its siblings, the car came with a standard chock at a very competitive value among its segment.

2021 Kia Rio Interior Pictures

Furthermore, the dashboard look is still the same as the other car but what special here is KIA always uses a fiber material. It is very good for the passenger’s safety. Also, the feeling will be more modern and luxurious due to the technologies inside.


As we mentioned above that this new Kia Rio Facelift is very impressive. The technology used for this car is more futuristic than before. Once you get into the car, you will feel clearer and more modern. See the digital air conditioning, the steering wheels with its multifunction, also the electric door locks. These, of course, make anyone inside more convenient.

2021 Kia Rio Steering Wheel Full of Features

Do you wish for more upgrades? Wait, this 2021 Kia also has front and rear parking sensors, multimedia technology with GPS, and automatic pilots. There is no need to worry about your safety and stability by driving this car on the road. On the other hand, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, auxiliary audio jack, USB port, and CD player will accompany you with some fun entertainment.

Engine Specs

This hatchback car powered by a petrol mild-hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) powertrain. The other version said that the 2021 model can generate up to 118 horsepower and 147 pounds of torque.

Talking about fuel consumption, the result is economic enough. According to the speculation, you might use ethanol or gasoline. When you use ethanol, it could 6,3 km per liter on the city while 7,7 km per liter on the road. On the other hand, gasoline is safer. You can use one liter for 9,1 km in the city and 11,3 km on the road.

2021 Kia Rio Price

For the modern and sophisticated car like this, the price is still affordable. The company set around $10,000 up to $ 15,000 for the base version, while around $ 15,000 until $ 20,000 for the advanced one. Compared to its rivals in Europe, such as the Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, and others, this new Kia Rio is brave enough to compete.

2021 Kia Rio Specs

If you are waiting for this car in the near showroom, you should be patient a little bit because there is still no exact date yet. But you may wish the company sells this 2021 Kia Rio started in late November 2020. This is the possible right time to let people enjoy the test ride and buy.