2021 Mercedes GLC 250 Preview, Redesign, Price & Release Date

New Mercedes GLC 250 Exclusive with Sporty and elegant design of the German automotive factory will officially be released in early January 2021. This premium SUV of Mercedes is by the demands of consumers who want a premium SUV product.

It is undoubtedly fair where it is known together from 2021 to the present. The SUV segment is now being a trend that continues to soar and desirable by many consumers. So, arguably the launch of the GLC 250 Exclusive is fitting at the right time when the SUV market is rising in the leaves.

2021 Mercedes GLC Redesign Exterior & Interior

The quality and spontaneity injected into the car come with an exquisite aerodynamic concept. The car has a super light body construction consisting of 97% aluminum and extrusion combined with magnesium and sophisticated polymer. So that this stunning design not only snares eye but is also able to captivate the heart. From the front, the mounted visible Headlamp is an intelligent LED technology that combines with a charming radiator grille design plus a chrome insert and a sizeable Mercedes-AMG logo that further reinforces.

2021 Mercedes GLC Review The Compact Luxury SUV

Also, custom hood designs that extended and flicked with the grid firmly make the appearance even more stunning. There is a side skirt that can show a sporty impression.

Such a graceful silhouette flows aerodynamically towards the sporty back. It forms a curved curve to fit into the skin of the ideal airfoil and reduce the drag coefficient (Cd) significantly.

In the rear sector, there is also a sporty stop light like a sharp eye gaze. So, the sporty and elegant look in the exterior sector is increasingly attractive and able to attract the hearts of consumers.

Interior Updates

Not only in the exterior sector is luxurious. But the interior room comes with a premium nuance complete with some high-tech features. The interior of a premium SUV from the German factory has an enormous cabin roar to provide a more spacious mobility space for each passenger.

The front dashboard also appears to have a concept of “Design aviation.” It is presented with a sleek form of a dashboard. Not only that, on this dashboard, there are also some advanced Infotainment features where the 7-inch touch screen is present and will make the whole navigation information more intuitive access.

The dashboard panel also features several supporting features, such as DAB radio, AM/FM radio, USB Connector with Waveform Audio Format (WAF), Windows Media Player (WMA), and Bluetooth Audio.

The interior sector in the Mercedes-Benz SUV also comes with a 2DIN audio system that connects the front and rear speakers. Therefore, it will contribute to the atmosphere of the interior being increasingly steady and feeling comfortable.

The upholstery also looks so elegant with a luxurious touch of high-quality leather. So it will be comfortable and tender when occupied. The central console adopts the Split-folding mechanism. Complete with Cupholder.

Then even if the corners lie down, the back seat has enough space. So it will not interfere with the space of the passengers sitting in the back. The overall interior sector presents luxury with some fancy panels that further strengthen the exclusive nuance.

2021 Mercedes GLC Features

Although the SUV was assembled locally, the MBI has equipped this high-tech SUV with some advanced technology features. Among other features include the safety Collision Prevention Assist Plus (CPA +).

The Collision Prevention assist Plus is part of the Driving Safety support feature in the 2021 Mercedes GLC 250 Exclusive with a combination of radar and brake support for Adaptive Brake assist. Its function reduces the risk of crashing by automatically applying gradual braking.

The ABS-technology brake feature is also ready to deliver perfect quality braking. Also, the car comes with five driving modes peruse. When driving within the city, the owner can arrange an eco or comfort model.

Want more energy to move to a sport or sport + model that makes the attraction more aggressive in each shifting of its teeth. Meanwhile, to support the driver’s driving style, slide into the individual mode.

The entertainment feature in the dashboard panel of the 2021 specification of the Mercedes GLC 250 Exclusive in its interior is also ready to give its nuance. So that it will make the passengers feel comfortable and consistently linger in the car.

Engine Specs & Transmission

In addition to its exclusive looks, the 2021 Mercedes GLC 250 Exclusive specification also comes with a reliable runway kitchen. Mercedes-Benz itself will rely on a diesel fuel engine with a capacity of 1,991 cc 4-line Twin-turbocharged cylinder.

Naturally, with this sophisticated machine, the power produced will be competent. And that’s right, and the engine can reach maximum power up to 211 Tk in rounds of 5,500 rpm. And maximum torque of 350 Nm per round between 1,200 – 4,000 rpm.

A fairly responsive attraction and shift are also not split. And be a 9-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. Mercedes flagship SUV will come with a Direct Injection combustion system.

It will make its fuel consumption more economical and efficient. The specifications of Mercy Benz GLC 250 Exclusive In this race sector are pretty resilient and reliable.

2021 Mercedes GLC 250 Price & Release Date

According to the information get the price of the Mercedes Benz GLC 250 Exclusive is about $64,000. The price has a difference of 100 USD cheaper compared to CBU versions imported from Germany. Of course, with the Mercedes Benz GLC 250 Exclusive price official that almost stepped on the number $67,000 confirmed only a few certain circles can buy this premium SUV.

On the other hand, please also note that the price mentioned above is Off The Road. Therefore, the price for this premium SUV can change at any time. Indeed, if viewed, this SUV is priced at an exorbitant price.

Arguably the launch of this 2021 Mercedes GLC at the right time. Because of its launch when the SUV market is on the rise of the leaves. On the exterior side, this car carries a sporty design concept that is so dashing and elegant.

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