2021 Mercedes Sprinter Van, Redesign, Release Date & Price

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Configurations

Travelling is one of the needs that should be fulfilled nowadays. Solo traveling is not fun anymore, the alternative is traveling with family and friends. A van is a right vehicle to bring them together. So, the German automaker releases 2021 Mercedes Sprinter.

Yes, this van from the oldest vehicle company in the world creates a new innovation. Since the first Mercedes Sprinter launched 17 years ago, Mercy becomes the leading innovator of a functional van. Also, the latest version of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will be the competitor of Ford Transit Passenger Van.

Mercedes Sprinter comes as a functional van that means you can customize the van. The customization depends on your needs and personality. This article will talk more about the specification, interiors, safety, technology also the price, and the launch date.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Redesign Exterior & Interior

The 2021 Mercedes Sprinter has a huge space. It can bring 10 to 15 passengers. The seats can customize with your desire.

However, if you like the cargo version, it will have space about 523.6 cubic feet. Then, you can customize it like a home with a bed, kitchen, even a bathroom inside it. Also, it has a foldable high-roof that can be adjustable when the van stops in your destination.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo van Review

The cargo van of Mercedes-Benz uses a 170-inches wheels base. However, the standard van only 144-inches wheelbase. For its usage, Mercedes Sprinter succeeds to deliver its products based on customer’s needs.

Interiors of this van have a futuristic and minimalist design on its fascia. The domination of silver, black, and metallic colors are the perfect match for the built-in touch-screen LCD in the dashboard. Also, the HVAC system has completed the perfection of this van.

For the exteriors, this van used the power sliding doors that able to open the door without much energy. Also, it equipped with a rear camera and Blind Spot Information System that helps the driver to avoid car accidents.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Interior

Then, the design is not as rigid as other vans. It is more aerodynamics that shows the sophisticated of the future. Also, the strong chassis buffers the body moldings and bumpers.

New Mercedes Sprinter Entertainment

A van without entertainment devices will be like a house without TV and Wi-Fi. Entertainment devices such as radio, LCD screen, USB port, etc are the essentials for the era. Moreover, internet connectivity is the thing that must available everywhere we go.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter New Navigations

This van gives the full entertainment driving experience with its fun technology. It has an LCD touch-screen in the seat. Then, the Bluetooth connectivity and USB port are available. The most important things for us are the Wi-Fi connectivity and electricity socket is easy to find in this van.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Specification

The 2021 Mercedes Sprinter has two choices of engine. The first is the standard engine, then the next is the diesel engine. The difference between those two engines is fuel capacity.

The standard engine is the 4-cylinder-turbocharged engine with fuel capacity 2.0 liters. It can perform about 188 horsepowers. It uses gasoline for fuel because it is a standard engine.

Then, the diesel engine is using a V-6 turbocharged-diesel engine with a capacity of 3.0 liters. It is the same with the standard engine that can perform the maximum power of about 188 horsepowers.

For the standard type, it comes with a four-wheel drive with a nine-speed transmission. On the other hand, the diesel type comes with a four-wheel drive with a seven-speed transmission. It will compete with Ford Transit Van that brings an all-wheel drive for their van.

New Mercedes Sprinter Safety

The safety of this car is using the airbags in all seats. Not only the hardware safety kit, but Mercy is also trying to implement the technology for the passengers’ safety. The technology called driver assistant that installed inside and appear in the touch-screen LCD monitor in the dashboard.

The technology assists the driver to drive safely. Three technologies implemented in this van as follows:

  • active-braking system
  • blind spot information system
  • lane-keeping assistant.

These systems bring 2021 Mercy Sprinter Van to become the first van that uses more than two application-based technology for its safety. This is one of the innovations from Mercy.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Release Date

This van will release around the mid of 2020. However, the Mercedes-Benz official is not confirmed yet about it. Based on the spy shots in South Carolina, it predicted will launch around the end of 2020.

So, there is no valid data about the launching date of this car. So, if you want to have it, you still have time to prepare your money.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Price

The estimation price of this van is about $43,000 to $50,000. For standard type van, the price starts from $43,000. Then, for cargo type van, the price starts from $49,000.

The price is not fixed yet if you do customization to your van. The additional costs for customization starts from $2,000 to $10,000 depends on your need. Unfortunately, for the customization, you cannot use the lease offers and finance deals.

The lease deals of Mercy Sprinter Standard will estimate about $4,500 for a 10% down payment without the tax, administration fee for the license, and the first payment. Then, the monthly payment is around $390 for 36 months.

If you want to have it permanently, you can try finance deals. The finance deals are different from the lease offers. You can ask the dealer in your town to get special offers in the interest rate and rebate.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Camper van

To sum up, the 2021 Mercedes Sprinter will be the most anticipated van in 2021. There are a few vehicle companies that produce van series. So, this van will grab the attention of van’s enthusiasts.