2021 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van Price, Release Date & Specs

2021 Ram Promaster Cargo Van

Ram has a special thing for their new vehicle. All spoilers are amazed by its new technology and safety issue. But, is it the only one worth waiting from 2021 Ram ProMaster cargo van? If you are expecting more upgrades, then don’t be a worry.

We will tell you what the updates from the 2021 model are. Before we go further, all we want to say is this car not only for those who concern with safety but also for anyone with hardworking nature.

As the full-size van lineup, the 2021 Ram ProMaster is not only suitable for personal use. For business or industrial utilization is okay. It supports you with many features inside. Indeed, the company designed as one of commercial and job site fleets. At the same time, if you are driving the Ram ProMaster, you will feel confident no matter the line of your work.

About Ram ProMaster

Ram truck was firstly made by Chrysler in 2010, as it spun off from Dodge. At that time, the car was set to fulfill the needs of pickup. So, the company concentrated to produce a real truck with an image of style.

Finally, in 2019 the Fiat Ducato cargo van design was adopted and then sold as “Ram ProMaster” in the North American. After that, Chrysler stated itself to produce a semi-trailer truck through its Ram.

2021 Ram Promaster Specs

There were some people who equalize the Ram with Dodge, but, actually, both of them are totally different. While the Dodge focuses on a certain market with these characteristics: young, energetic, cool, and hip. On the opposite, Ram was built for services and hard work. Thus, all things inside were prepared not only for carrying things or cargo, but also able to bring passengers.

However, by seeing this new model, you will know that the people worked very well. They don’t only make a passenger and cargo car but also starts to concern for safety and other features. Because, as time goes by, working is not just achieving the target. Safety and convenience are factors to improve productivity. So, for the newest model, you will feel a different sensation riding a van on the road.

2021 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van Updates

You probably already knew that this 2021 Ram model had unveiled this year at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The head of Ram commercial marketing said that this model has the highest safety features among the Ram ProMaster cars than before. For more details about its specs, price, and release date, see our information below:

Engine Specs

This 2021 model will have power from a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. The engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. This engine is popular among the high-intensity vehicle.

You better know from now that all-new Ram ProMaster will be available with a front-wheel-drive system. There is no 4×4 system for this car.

Exterior Appearance

Here, you can see the difference from its last model. The new ProMaster will come with 18 various wheelbase and roof height arrangements that allow you to have free options when having this car.

2021 Ram Promaster New Versions

Compared to the last model, you still have flexible access to the inside, whether from the side or the back. The door can swing and open properly to load your things there. So, no need wondering for the convenience look and access.

2021 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van Interior

There is nothing more interesting to talk about a van than its space. By using this car, you will have the maximum cargo space that you dream of. For those who are seeking a van as a workstation, we really recommend owning this one.

Besides the widest cargo width, this car also has the tallest standard height for cargo interior design but lowest load-floor height. The last thing you would want to know is the width between the cargo compartment and the wheel is so wide.

New RAM ProMaster Cargo Van Interior Size & Dimensions

Safety Features

Alright, now we arrive in the part you really want to know. This car is available with two key safety options which the first is Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Path Alerts. This detection warns you whenever the vehicle’s blind spot captures another vehicle. It is very helpful to ease you to decide when to switch the lanes.

While the second option is Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake Assist which is able to detect an imminent collision. Then, it applies the brakes to help reducing damage risk.

Even though the warning is not able to fully protect the driver, the system helps you to save business money for repair. More benefits, you can minimize productivity losing, downtime, and reduce liability exposure.

New RAM ProMaster City Interior Features

One thing that surely will amaze you is the 9.2-inch wide LCD monitor. It enhances your safety and ability to prevent accidents. So, goodbye to the traditional rearview mirror because now you have a digital rearview mirror. You can set the mirror into a traditional one when it is off, or you watch the real-time moment.

2021 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van Release Date & Price

Unluckily, there is no information about the debut and how much this RAM Van cost. The company has not announced yet the date but you can expect to see the 2021 Ram ProMaster in summer 2020.

Also, there is no confirmation about the price too. But, based on the rumors, the price starts at $34,145 (MSRP). Since the launch will be in summer, so you can wait at least closer to that moment.

2021 Ram Promaster Redesign & Changes

Ram ProMaster is a benchmark for a durable van for any kind of uses. You will enjoy doing business in confidence, no matter how hard it is. The passenger cabin and cargo space support you to achieve better productivity and performance anytime.

Is the 2021 RAM ProMaster Reliable?

it’s Reliable, Tough and Great Fuel Saving. The Promaster Cargo is mechanically simple and easy to work on, so you can save a lot of money for routine maintenance or even seious repair.

Which is better RAM ProMaster or Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster are both at the top of their class when it comes to full-size cargo vans, there is nothing wrong with choosing one of them.