2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift, Release Date & Price | Legender Version

2021 Toyota Fortuner New Version

In the past year through the famous car exhibition in Europe, Toyota Maninvoice, as the holder of the Toyota brand launched this car. This 2021 Toyota Fortuner got the addition of a feature that did not exist in the previous Toyota Fortuner car models. And it was produced with limited units so that the price is slightly more expensive than the previous model. Also, this car is indeed a collaboration with a company with local resources.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift

The exterior of Toyota Fortuner 2021 carries the same base as the old model. However, there are some additions to the outside of this car. So that the car has a tougher and more rugged impression.

The Toyota Fortuner exterior carries the same design as the latest version. However, it is a bit simpler when compared to the TRD model, for example. Even so, it looks more fierce and dashing, without the elegant effects.

The front of the Toyota Fortuner 2021 looks more gallant. With its firm curves and has a black TRD Grille and Lower Grille that gives it a sporty impression. In the front Bumper Spoiler uses a combination of two-tone colors and a black Foglamp Cover. It will give a sporty and tough impression.

Do not forget the TRD logo that is present on the black plate between the grid and the remaining lights are still the same as the previous model.

The side of Toyota Fortuner 2021 is still the same as the previous model. But there is a TRD Sportivo sticker around the car door and a special rim with a sporty TRD Sportivo design that increasingly gives a sporty and tough impression on this car.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Interior

Proceed to the interior part of the 2021 Toyota Fortuner. There is no total change in the interior part of this car. But there are some features that support the comfort of driving with this car.

Like the previous model, the dashboard section of Toyota Fortuner 2021 has an asymmetric design similar to that of Kijang Innova which is still using plastic material but coated with soft-touch material wrapped in leather so it looks more modern.

In the center of this dashboard are embedded with AC Control and an 8-inch touch screen. That has several features such as multimedia features, Toyota Move, Navigation, and Mirror Cast. This car gets added features. Such as Smart Cruise Control which is very useful when on a lonely road or a long road like a toll road.

The steering wheel of this car uses a wood accent coated with leather and several buttons will make the steering wheel look more luxurious and functional.

The seat of Toyota Fortuner 2021 has all the seats that are material from leather and color according to consumer demand of course. Car seats feel more tender, providing comfort for passengers. Special for Fortuner, the SRZ is a luxurious leather seat that has an electric seat.

The back luggage section has ample space to accommodate some items. Furthermore, if the back seat is empty then the driver can fold sideways then the back luggage room becomes much wider.


This car safety feature features Triple SRS airbags and also ISOFIX or baby seat. The scaling has used the disc brake on the front and rear tires. And this car also comes with ABS, EBD, and BA features. Also, there is the Emergency Brake Signal, A-TRC/Active Traction Control, Hill Start Assist feature, and the latest Downhill Assist Control. It will set the brake pressure when on the steep road so the car stays safe.

For security features, there is a rear parking camera and an all-around sensor. As well as a shark-shaped antenna that will notify the position of the goods near the driver’s car and facilitate the driver to park or withdraw.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Interior Changes

Engine Specs

Just like with the previous model, the 2021 Toyota Fortuner engine has two types of machines. First, the 2,393 ccs 2.4 L VNT diesel engine is capable of generating a maximum of 149.6 Ps at a round of 3,400 rpm and a peak torque of 40.81 Kgm at a round of 1,600-2,000 rpm.

Secondly, the 2,694 ccs 2.7 L Dual VVTi gasoline engine is capable of generating maximum power of 163 Ps at a round of 3,400 rpm and a peak torque of 24.7 Kgm at a speed of 4,000 rpm. This car diesel engine is present in Common Rail type Fuel Supply. While for the engine it already uses fuel Injection supply system.

For the GD-coded machine has been crowded with technology that can produce optimum power but still fuel-efficient. For the 4TR coded gasoline engine has responsive acceleration with increased power and also fuel economy. Either manual or automatic type, the new-generation Toyota Fortuner specification will be driven by a 6-speed automatic transmission.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Release Date & Price

Since it is only marketed as one type of car, the Toyota Fortuner 2021 car price in the old condition gets the price of $19,000 to $22,000. And in the new condition, the price of Toyota Fortuner car 2021 corresponds to the latest features that exist.

All these new features are in every new output type of course. For the price can reach $30,000 up to $37,000. Most likely the Toyota Fortuner will be released in mid-2021 later. This info relates to the addition process as well as trial features to truly satisfy its customers.

This latest car 2021 Toyota Fortuner fix the weaknesses that existed in the previous model. So this car also expected as well as the attention of SUV car lovers who want to have powerful engine features and strong design in its class. The security and safety systems in this car have also increased. So that making drivers and passengers feel comfortable and safe when they are in this car.