2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid: Specs, Interior, Release Date & Price

2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Review

SUV enthusiasts are anticipating the upcoming launch of the 2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid. This high-utility car is Ford’s contender for a middle-size crossover vehicle. This automaker tends to come up with innovative changes. Thus, the new model will probably have unique features.

The Explorer is a Mid-size crossover SUV lineup designed for families. Its initial release happened in 1990 as a derivative for the Ranger series. Because many people love it, the series continues to evolve. Currently, the SUV series is in its sixth generation.

There are already many talks about the car’s possible changes. Ford has released several shots to tease fans about the future release. These shots provide a gist about what to expect from the 2022 model.

2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Exterior & Interior

The main chassis of a car consists of its exterior and interior parts. A car enthusiast will scrutinize these two aspects. The outer part determines how it looks, while the inner part is related to comfort. Here is detailed information about the SUV’s outer and inner parts:

2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Performance

People suggested that Explorer will receive extreme redesigning. Unfortunately, the current knowledge about the car finds that drastic exterior modification is unlikely. However, fans take notes of several cosmetic differences between the upcoming release and the latest one.

Its front end will see the most changes. The spy shots show that this model has a novel grille shape. To complement that modification, Ford also changed the shape of its anterior light. There is a cut on the overhangs’ length. It helps drivers to get better ground clearance.

The car’s side and back-end do not receive too glaring changes. It has a tapered roofline that gives a slimmer look. The backside also gets improvements in the taillights. Its automaker also designed the bumper to look bolder. Overall, this car will have an enhanced sporty look.

Inside The Explorer Hybrid

The most palpable redesigning happens within the cabin. It still has three rows that can accommodate up to seven passengers. However, the legroom for each passenger is slightly more spacious. The front passengers also have more room to move. The driver will experience better comfort.

The automaker may be going to do tech updates in Explorer’s cabin. There will be a better infotainment system inside, even though the control touchscreen remains the 8-inch one. Buyers can purchase additional trims to enhance the in-cabin tech further.

2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Interior

Its seats are going to have a new multi-contour design. This will make the experience of traveling by this car feel better. The car’s cabin has slightly more than 87 cubic feet of space for passenger items. It is a perfect car for traveling in a group.


Some people might be interested in this series but do not know what it offers to its buyers. There are several prominent features that Explorer displays. The following list mentions three main features in the 2022 model:

Hybrid Engine

It features a hybrid engine. The engine works by combining electric power and a gas fueling system. Hybrid Explorer is a great transition car for people who aim to switch to entire electricity. A hybrid car contributes to emission reduction efforts.

New Driver Assistance

Ford also developed a sophisticated driver assistance system. It does not only aim to increase the driver’s convenience. Again, this system helps to improve the safety rate of a car. The automaker has already tested the pack several times. It tries to measure the system’s effectiveness.

This assistance pack contains so many various functions. It has an emergency braking system. The system will put the vehicle to stop automatically in dangerous situations. There is also a backside camera and monitors for blind spots. Drivers also get assistance to keep lanes.

Engine Specs

The hybrid car is going to have a V6 turbocharged engine with a 3.3-liter gas capacity. This engine has higher specs if compared to the basic trim. The base model only has a 2.3-liter V4 engine. It has a 10-pace auto-transmission, which is an update from its previous version.

The car employs a rear-wheel driving system. Even so, buyers can choose to equip the car with an all-wheel driving system. The driving system modification will come with an added fee. Off-road travelers will find the price worth it, though.

Battery Capacity

Fans say that Ford may not replace the Explorer’s current battery. It may still have a 13.6kWh Li-ion battery to work together with the gas-fueled engine. Nonetheless, this series stays as the most robust hybrid vehicle.

To get a fully-charged battery, the driver must plug it into a power source for about 5 hours and 50 minutes. Buyers hope that charging time will reduce in the most recent model. This battery can last from 3 to 5 years if used properly.

Performance & Fuel Economy

From a performance standpoint, the hybrid trim can hold itself against others in its class. The V6 engine works together with the battery-powered motor to produce 318 horsepower. It also produces up to 380 pound-feet of torque. The car can tow a maximum weight of 5000 pounds.

Based on current stats, the gas engine’s economy is at 28 miles per gallon rate. It is not the worst within the class, but an improvement is due. With the 13.6kWh battery, the car can run independently up to 42 kilometers distance.

2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Price

2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Release Date, Price & Trims Level

This latest model will launch by the second half of 2021. It can happen in the third or fourth quarter. The exact release date depends on last-minute additions done by the automaker. Given the current situation, the worldwide release may not happen simultaneously.

Explorer series offers interesting trim levels, not only the basic trim. The hybrid model is one of its trim offerings. The trim levels differ in added items and functions. For example, the ST variant gets a higher-powered engine, which is a twin-turbo engine.

Rumors say that Ford may extend its current trim level offerings with the King Ranch. This trim level is now only present in the F-trailers. However, the 2022 Explorer may have it.

The automaker has not released the pricing information yet. However, the estimated price is $53,000 without additional trim packages. This is a significant difference compared to the basic trim. That version only costs about $35,000.

To some folks out there, having a hybrid car is important. The hybrid vehicle does not emit high carbon emissions. People do not hesitate to pay a high price. It helps them to feel good. They feel helpful to the environment.