2022 Ford F250 Changes, Interior, New Engine, Release Date & Price

The excitement that surrounds the upcoming 2022 Ford F250 is notably high. This heavy-duty trailer has always been the fans’ favorite. It has everything that trailer enthusiasts have dreamed of. To keep up with the automobile trend, the manufacturer continues to come up with innovations.

This series is among the automaker’s lineup of super-duty family trailers. It not only accommodates passengers but also has a big cargo capacity. Families will have an enjoyable time traveling on this car. It can also withstand challenging fields.

It seems like Ford will equip the car with novel features that people have not seen before. This is why everyone gets so excited about the 2022 version. It will be helpful to read the breakdown of this new model based on available information.

2022 Ford F250 Pickup Truck

Redesign & Changes

Because this series has been known for decades, people think that a redesigning is due. According to spy pictures, the 2022 model is likely to feature new appearance upgrades. Although the automaker camouflaged the front fascia, people can predict that the grille will be brand new.

There will be more chrome trims composition at the front part. It will make the car have a sharper look that suits the contemporary age. The headlights are going to be slimmer as well. That change will make the sharper design look well-composed.

Another difference that fans noted is its flared fenders. The 2022 model of F250 is going to have wider fender flares. This choice of look will create a more majestic appearance for the vehicle. Additionally, wider flares protect the car’s body from dirt and other contaminants while on the go.

Ford pays attention to the car’s rear end as well. Owners can see a novel tailgate step to access its rear cargo. It is also possible to operate the tailgate’s power lock using a remote control. The automaker also teases some new paint options for future buyers.

2022 Ford F250 Colors

There are 11 color choices to choose from, including:

  • Oxford White
  • Race Red
  • Iconic Silver
  • Rapid Red Metallic (extra cost)
  • Star White Metallic (Extra Cost)
  • Stone Gray
  • Agate Black
  • Antimatter Blue
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Lithium gray
  • Velocity Blue  

Interior & Features

The spy photos did not reveal a lot about the new F250’s interior. Nonetheless, some people can foresee what would be in store for the trailer’s cabin. The novel changes will likely be tech-related. Its basic trim will provide tech features such as a new navigation system and mobile connectivity.

For its console, Ford also adds a modern driver assistance feature. This feature consists of a lane-keeping mechanism, adaptable cruise control, and other helpful functions. The driver will have more ease when navigating the trailer on the road.

The cabin design of this new release remains truthful to its original concept. It still maintains the roominess and its practicality. The current design can accommodate up to 6 people inside. Everyone also has plenty of room to sit comfortably.

Nonetheless, the automaker adds some flavor to the design by offering new color and upholstery options. It is unclear whether the basic trim will have the new color and upholstery choices, though. Perhaps it will be for a higher trim level.

2022 Ford F250 Engine Specs & Performance

Performance is a feature that people will be more invested in, especially in heavy-duty cars. A heavy-duty vehicle should be able to transport many people at once. It also needs to have enough power for towing and carrying cargo.

There are two engine options for the 2022 version of F250, just like its predecessor. The first engine option is gas-fueled, while the second one is diesel-fueled. The two options will offer considerable differences performance-wise.

Ford is still going to equip this heavy-duty truck with its 7.3L OHV gas V8 engine. The gas capacity is 7.3 liters. It produces about 430 horsepower. The torque production is around 475 pound-feet. This gas engine is quite powerful, even within the heavy-duty class.

Ford 7.3-Liter V8 Pictures
Ford 7.3-Liter V8 Gasoline Engine

The diesel engine for this model is the 6.7L PowerStroke V8 turbo diesel. Its maximum fuel capacity is 6.7 liters. The highest torque production that it can achieve is about 1050 pound-feet. However, there is a high chance that Ford will amplify the torque count.

Although the previous rumors stated the possibility of a hybrid option, it might not happen in the 2022 model. The automaker is still working on a hybrid engine. Possibly, a hybrid engine addition may come in the later versions.

The car still has a similar platform to its previous versions. Thus, it will always have a rear-wheel driving system for its basic understanding. Buyers can get all-wheel set up for an add-on. The gas engine offers a trendy auto-transmission with a 10-speed variant.

Owner Feedback on Ford F250 2020 MY

This truck goes above and beyond what I needed in a truck. From towing to payload this thing can pull it or haul it. The 7.3 Liter V8 has enough power to do anything and then some. And with an engine that big the gas mileage is not as bad as you would think. 18MPG Cruising on the highway!! Put it in ECO mode and your good to go!! –  AnthonyO from Columbus, Georgia on Tue Aug 25 2020 


Ordered this as custom build F250 lariat with new 7.3 L gas engine and new 10 speed tranny. What a beast ! This truck feels well balanced and very responsive . A little bouncy on the highway when bed not loaded down . Can’t wait to tow my new camper with it. – GVAGUILA from Ooltewah on Fri Apr 03 2020


I was searching for an F-250 Tremor package with the “Godzilla” 7.3L gas engine. I didn’t want the hassle of all the EPA restrictions of a Diesel, especially for a possible everyday driver. This truck is AWESOME! The off-road capabilities are outstanding. – Steve S. from Hutchinson, KS on Sat Jul 11, 2020


There you have it, straight from the owner’s mouths.

Fuel Economy – How Many Miles does a Ford F250 Get per Gallon?

For the 2022 model, information about its fuel is relatively unknown. However, the previous release showed that a driver could get about 15.5 miles per gallon on a highway. On inner-city roads, the rate goes down to around 14.6 miles per gallon. These rates are for a gas engine.

If a driver looks for higher efficiency, the diesel engine might be a better choice. A 6.7 PowerStroke can offer up to 30 miles per gallon on a highway. A driver will get 22 miles per gallon while driving inside the city. The combined rate is 25 miles per gallon.

The possibility of a higher fuel economy is relatively high in the latest release. More buyers are now demanding vehicles with lesser fuel consumption. It does not only relate to the car’s maintenance. This is also a step toward an environmentally friendly automobile trend.

2022 Ford F250 Release Date & Price

It seems like Ford is already at the finalization stage of the 2022 model’s development. Thus, experts predict that this new version’s release will happen in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to previous experience, it is not going to come out later than that.

The starting price for this 2022 Ford F250 is slightly over $35,000. It is not a significant increase if compared to the previous version. The price will go up according to the trim level. For example, the Platinum trim is going to cost more than $50,000.

Some buyers may not think that the new release is worthy. However, a long term of this series will be excited to see its new look. The updated appearance suits the current automobile trend better because of its improvements.