2022 GMC Jimmy Update: Concept, Specs, Price & Release Date

2022 GMC Concept Images

The presence of the 2022 GMC Jimmy is such a blessing. Also, Wrangler and Bronco better watch out. The GMC Jimmy was initially released in 1995 when the special Chevy Blazer hits the industry. The car was created by implementing the K5 full-size, looked much alike to the GMC Blazer.

For years, this car has never been renewed until the news said the opposite. There would be a new GMC Jimmy to hit the road in a few years from now. Also, the car is expected to hit the road with around USD 30,000 as the starting price.

The official information about the newest model hasn’t been coming out yet. However, a few details have been gathered, and here are things we know so far about the 2022 Jimmy.


Have you taken a look at the newest GMC Acadia? According to a legit source, that could be an indication of the possible exterior look for Jimmy.

What’s the relation with the Wrangler? Jeep Wranglers are solid in both brand and fan base. Also, that car has been in the industry for quite a while. There is an indication that the GMC wants to have that kind of mascot. Thus, they put the bet on the newest GMC Jimmy that would be released a few years from now.

Other than that, the newest Jimmy is a response to Ford Bronco. Besides upgraded performance, the car will also show off its off-road features and many comfort things inside – since the goal is to beat both Ford and Jeep.

Some new features

It won’t feel completed talking about a new car without bringing up the features. All we can inform is that you can check out the newest Acadia. This is a hint for how the GMC Jimmy will look like. 

As has been mentioned earlier, the new Jimmy will introduce some off-road features. It shows that the GMC wants to attract off-road enthusiasts while competing in the SUV segment. 

Rumors have suggested that this car would incorporate a bunch of sophisticated technology both inside and outside. More than anything, the 2022 Jimmy would be something people are waiting for after years.

2022 GMC Jimmy Interior Example based on New Sierra HD

2022 GMC Jimmy Engine Specs

Since there is no official release about this car, we can only surmise everything about it. According to sources, the engine will be using the same 3.6-liter V6 machine. Rumors also expect a turbo-diesel option, though. Still, we need to wait for the official release or at least wait and see. 

If the 2022 GMC Jimmy uses the 3.6L engine, it may produce around 310 horsepower with 275-lb-ft of torque ability. Wranglers come with a 3.6L Pentastar V6 machine. It produces around 285 horsepower. Sticking to the assumption, Jimmy gives something more after all.

2022 GMC Jimmy Concept

Compared to the previous models that were released over a decade ago, there would be huge changes in the body’s models. The car will compete in the SUV segment instead of the subcompact crossover. Also, it handles off-road much better.

As has been mentioned over and over above, the new Jimmy will compete along with Wrangler and Bronco by bringing up the off-road capabilities. Incorporating the body-on-frame design would keep up with the entire competition.

Also, if the car looks strong and aggressive like the Acadia, the body-on-frame design would benefit a lot, instead of sticking to the old unibody design.

The new Jimmy will bring the AT4 system, which stands for All Terrain 4 Wheel Driving. Taming off-road tracks won’t be something impossible, though. Also, it improves the wherewithal of the vehicle regardless of the road conditions.

2022 GMC Jimmy Release Date & Price

Unfortunately, we know not much about this vehicle. But we are sure that this car will hit the industry and attract a lot of off-road enthusiasts. Since this car is such a legend, this would be one of the most awaited car releases a few years from now. When it released, the price should be starting at $35,000 (est).

Even though there is no exact information about this car, especially the official, we expect the 2022 GMC Jimmy will show off its magical creature in May 2022.