2023 Toyota Sequoia: Everything I Know So Far

Apart from their beloved taco, Toyota still has another model that’s very good for off-road driving and rugged build quality, and that model name is the Sequoia.

Thankfully, there have been goings-on about what the newest version of Sequoia will have, and today we’ll be going over them in this article.

Update: it’s confirmed, Toyota has announced that the 2023 Sequoia full-size SUV will make its public debut on Tuesday, January 25, at 9:30 p.m. ET.

What’s New?

Same with the 2023 Toyota Tacoma that I just covered earlier, there have been rumors that the next model of Sequoia will feature the all-new platform for the car to sit on following the release of the Tundra and Lexus model. It seems like Toyota is trying to set the standard for their trucks’ platform.

2023 Toyota Sequioa UnOfficial Rendering Photos

2023 Toyota Sequoia Redesign Exterior

The exterior for the 2023 Sequoia shouldn’t be all that different from the previous model. Because let’s be honest, there isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s rugged and durable, and that’s how Toyota would like their SUVs to be.

Still, considering that its competitors have a more modern and sleek design, I expect to see some overhauls in the car’s grills front and back fascia.

Interior & Features

As for the interior, Toyota has stepped up its game to redesign the previously outdated and bleak interior. It’s been confirmed so far that the new model will feature a much larger center-mounted touchscreen with both ApplecarPlay or Android Auto integrated and a JBL sound system.

These changes will undoubtedly make Sequoia compete for more in interior design and infotainment systems.

Other than that, most of the interior will probably stay the same as I have an already comfortable place to sit for both the passengers’ and drivers’ seats.

Size & Dimensions

Generally speaking, the size and dimension of the new Sequoia shouldn’t change that much for the base model. But same with the Tacoma, it’ll probably become somewhat taller because of the new platform that this car will most likely use.

So, here are the numbers we’re expecting for the size and dimensions of the 2023 model.

Length205 Inchies
Width80 Inchies
Height79 Inchies

Engine Specs

Another exciting news for the 2023 Sequoia other than the interior redesign and the all-new platform is, of course, the engine. Rumors have it that the Sequoia and the new 2022 Tundra will come with a twin-turbo V-6 powertrain, including a hybrid.

So, I can expect better performances across the board with this new engine because Sequoia lacks that department. Especially for its fuel economy.

Performance, Fuel Economy & Towing Capacity

Now, if I were to believe that, it’ll come with an all-new iForce MAX twin-turbo V6 Hybrid powertrain with 437 horsepower.

First things first, let’s talk about the 0-60 test. Now, the Sequoia isn’t meant to be a speedster car with a blazing fast of 0-60 mph, but it should still see an improvement in this department with its new engine. As such, we’re expecting it to score somewhere around 6 seconds flat in this test.

Now let’s talk about fuel economy. As far as things go, Sequoia isn’t exactly known for its efficiency in fuel economy. If anything, it’s one of the worst-performing vehicles in this department. But again, this new engine and its potential to be hybrid make us expect it to score better in this department.

For reference, the previous model scores 13 mpg and 17 mpg for both city and highway tests, respectively. So I expect it to achieve at least 18 mpg for the city test and 24 mpg for the highway test to be competitive in its class.

And last but not least, we’re expecting its towing capacity to be somewhere around 8200 lbs. for both AWD and TWD.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Release Date & Price

Toyota has announced that the 2023 Sequoia full-size SUV will make its public debut on Tuesday, January 25, at 9:30 p.m. ET.

For the price itself, Sequoia is not a cheap SUV by any means, considering that the current model starts at $65,000 at the very least. So, expect the 2023 model to be somewhere around $70,000 for the base model.

Also, it’s pretty much possible that this new model will come with a TRD Sport version, so if you’re interested in that, the price will be exponentially higher than the base model.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this article on the next Sequoia from Toyota. Toyota has been known for its reliability over the years that they can achieve through their tried-and-true way of making their product. How do you feel, and what do you expect from it?

So, whatever comes with this model, I expect it to feel mostly the same and just as reliable as its previous model.

That’s it for now, thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time. But again, do let us know what your thoughts and feelings are in the comment. We’d love to read and speculate with you.