2023 Toyota Tacoma; Everything I Know So Far

Toyota has been known for its excellent inbuilt quality when it comes to SUVs, and in line with that, the Toyota Tacoma is also one of the fan favorites, and for a good reason too.

As such, it’s nowhere near a surprise that people are excited as to what the new, redesigned version of Toyota Tacoma will be like. To answer that question, here is what I know so far about the new 2023 Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Tacoma Off-Road Pick-up Truck
Current Toyota Tacoma

What’s New?

One of the biggest things that are new to the 2023 redesign of the Tacoma is none other than the existence of a new platform for it to sit on.

Following the direction that Toyota has been going on with their Tundra and Lexus LX models, it’s pretty much confirmed that this Truck will also build on top of the new platform similar to those two models.

2023 Toyota Taoma Redesign Exterior

Toyota has been known to stick to their tried-and-true way of making their product. As such, chances are the 2023 Tacoma won’t be all that different compared to its predecessor.

That being said. However, it still needs to look spiffy to be competitive with its rival, which in turn warrants it to get some refreshments on its front and rear fascia.

Interior & Features

Now, while sticking to what works is better for Toyota, I can’t deny that the interior and cabin space in the 2022 model is pretty lackluster. It’s cramped and pretty uncomfortable.

But as to what’s confirmed so far, the 2023 model will keep its modern-interior design similar to its predecessor, but of course, with some improvements here and there, such as a larger touchscreen on base model, etc.

As for the issue I mentioned earlier, I expect the 2023 model to have a bit more legroom for passengers to be comfortable because the way they are right now, it’s a pretty tight squeeze.

Toyota’s latest infotainment system should make its way into the next-generation Tacoma in terms of multimedia. 

A standard 8.0-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto should be included, with a bigger 12.3-inch one likely available as an option.

Size & Dimensions

Moving on to the sizes and dimensions for this model, I expect it to be almost the same as the previous model but just a bit taller because of the aforementioned platform.

For reference, here are the size and dimensions of the 2022 model.

Length213 inches
Width75.2 inches
Height71.6 inches

Expect the 2023 Tacoma to be a couple of inches taller than the specs above.

Engine Specs & Performance

As far as news and rumor-mill go, I expect Tacoma to have a 3.5-liter V6 engine that will output up to 354 horsepower for the car next year.

Toyota’s Tacoma lineup has definitely set its standard as a rugged and off-road type of vehicle, and it shouldn’t be any different for this 2023 model either. As such, it’s not going to have a blazing speed 0-60 test, but it’ll last you long on the wild.

But just for reference, the 2022 model scores 7.7 sec for its 0-to-6 mph test so that I can expect a slightly better but similar performance from the 2023 model.

Will there be a TRD variant on the next Tacoma? Toyota will continue to make the TRD Variant on the Tacoma. There’s no doubt about that.

Fuel Economy & Towing Capacity

As for its fuel economy will likely also score similar to the 2023 model at somewhere around 23mpg for high-way driving and 23 mpg for city driving. This department should definitely be seeing some improvement, considering the engine potentially going to be used on the 2023 model.

And finally, it should have an excellent towing capacity considering how rugged and built the body and engine are, which should be somewhere around 6900 pounds for rear-wheel drive and 6.500 pounds for its four-wheel drive version.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Release Date & Price

Overall, I expect the 2023 Toyota Tacoma will be available next year, perhaps somewhere between August or December.

As for its price, we can expect its base model to be starting at $30,000 or so, with the other trimming, such as the TRD Pro version, to be significantly more expensive.

Anyway, how was that? Are you excited for this next lineup ‘redesign’ of the fan-favorite Toyota Tacoma?  

If we’re to take anything from the previous model, we can safely look forward to a terrific workhorse with tons of ruggedness that will be perfect for work duties and off-road business, as they themselves call it, the perfect car for an endless weekend.

Hopefully, they will rectify the cabin situation because spending an endless weekend without any legroom to spare would be very unfortunate.

Anyway, that’s all that I can say for this article for now. Keep in mind that most things here are just speculation and conjectures from what was announced. Toyota has been very secretive about this newest line-up, and the final model could be nothing like I’ve written here.

But that makes it even more exciting. It’ll be a whole new surprise for all of us.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you again next time in another article.