2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van Specs, Price & Release Date

2021 Ford Transit 12 Passenger Fuel Economy

A van is one of the most favorite cars for those who like traveling and adventure. Ford as one of the leading vehicle companies proves it with its cars. The 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van will be the most anticipated car at the end of this year.

This car is an eco-friendly car that launched in Europe first. It uses electrical drivetrain as the main power system. Ford claims that this is the first high-speed electric van from Ford.

Ford also introduces their new saving energy concept called Transit Smart Energy Concept. The main idea is maximizing the performance with less energy consumption. It means that the electric machine reaches its energy efficiency then it changes to high-speed driving performance.

New Ford Transit Passenger Van Specifications

Talking about Transit Smart Energy Concept, this car is equipped with dual machines that use electrical and fuel as energy. So, there is a switch-power mode between the fuel engine and electric engine. This one of the anticipated breakthroughs from Ford.

For the electrical engine, it uses a single battery with 70 ampere-hours with a 3.5-liter PFDi V6 engine only. Also, it has a backup battery, it is a single AGM battery 70 ampere-hours with Standard on 3.5 EcoBoost V6 only. Then, for the fuel tank, its capacity is about 25 gallons.

In the handling system, All-Wheel Drive is a must nowadays. But, it adds with Electric Power Assisted Power Steering that helps the driver still drive right on the track. Also, it has a manual parking brake and stability control.

2021 Ford Transit 12 Passenger Red Color

It estimated will available in two trims as follows: XL and XLT. The difference between XL and XLT is in its technology and safety features. But, both engines are the same.

It is available in nine colors. The colors are Kapoor Red, Race Red, Agate Black, Magnetic, Diffused Silver, Ingot Silver, Green Gem, Blue Jeans, and Oxford White.

2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van Interiors

For the interiors, you can customize your van based on your personality. Also, you can arrange the seats from 10 to 15 passengers. It also has a big space of cargo around 100.5 cubic feet after the last row.

Then, the entertainment there is a 10-inch multifunction navigation touch-screen LCD. Then, it equipped with 8 speakers surrounded inside the car. Also, it equipped with Bluetooth connections and USB port.

Its interiors are minimalist. The seats cover with leather materials. Inside this van, the floor covering has two options that using carpet and vinyl.

2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van Safety

For its safety, the new Ford Transit Passenger Van XL trim has Adaptive Cruise Control technology that helps the driver to control the speed and distance. It gives a safe distance from the car in front of you. So, it will avoid the probability of a car accident and crushed when traffic.

Then, for the XLT trim, there is a Blind Spot Information System. This system helps the driver to avoid the other cars in the blind spot area. So, it is one of the systems develops by the Ford team to reduce the number of car accidents.

For standard safety, 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van has airbags in all the seats so both driver and passengers seats get the airbags. The stealing point from this car is the safety canopy with side-curtain airbags so the airbags are available in front and side of the car. Then, it has 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes.

2021 Ford Passenger Van Technology

As one of the leading vehicle companies, Ford develops the technology inside its passenger van. There are three technologies implemented in this van as follows: (1) Ford Co-Pilot360 Technologies, (2) Fordpass Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot, and (3) Ford Telematics.

The first technology is Ford Co-pilot360. This technology brings Blind Information System and Adaptive Cruise Control as the main safety systems. Then, it has a lane-keeping system that helps you during driving. Also, it brings automatic emergency braking and collision alert to avoid over-heat in its engine.

Second is Fordpass Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot. So, the main technology is an application-based that connected to the vehicle. The Fordpass can be used in Fordpass Apps that help you to start, lock, and unlock the van anywhere as long as you are in the same area as your van. It also has Wi-Fi Hotspot for internet connection.

The last is Ford Telematics. This system provides all of the information that you need about the engine’s health. So, this app will help you to remind you about the service date and the limitation of the optimum speed and efficiency of fuel consumption.

2021 Ford Transit 12 Passenger Black Color

2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van Price

How about the price? For the new Ford Transit Passenger Van XL trim, it is around $41,000-$43,000 MSRP. If you want to have it, you can take finance deals. It estimated around $4,200 for the down payment of about 10% from the MSRP at $524 per month for 6 years.

For XLT trim, it costs $44,000-$46,000 MSRP. If you take the finance deals, you can pay $4,500 for a down payment. Then, you pay $547 monthly for 6 years.

For the lease deals, it is better to ask the dealer in your town. Because the leasing offers is following the area. So, the different city has different offers especially in down payment and the installment fee.

New Ford Transit Passenger Van Release Date

The auto fans estimated that the release date of 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van still debating. Most people predicted that it will launch around the last quarter of 2020. But, the others said maybe it will launch in the third quarter of 2020.

Ford company still not keep it as secret. They still quiet and not giving a clue to the media. However, based on spy shots, this car will announce in early 2021. This assumption comes from the test drive in the U.S. Most people guess that the American version will be different from the Europe version.

So, do you want to buy 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van? This information leads you to find the best van that suits your adventure desire. Let’s start your journey in your new car.