2022 Jeep Gladiator Hercules; Everything You Need to Know

Jeep has been a brand that many off-roaders enthusiasts fondly remember. And now, after focusing their effort on making general use of SUVs, Jeep decided to zero in again on the classic off-road beast that will take you anywhere you want to go with their new Gladiator Hercules.

What is the Jeep Gladiator Hecules?

Of course, one of the most impressive things that will come out of the Gladiator Hercules is none other than the engine.

Rumors are that it will use an even more powerful version of the already powerful oil-burning 3.0l V-6 with 260 hp and 442lb-ft of torque.

Exterior & Interior Design

As for its exterior, it seemed like we won’t be seeing any new wild changes made to the new Gladiator Hercules’ exteriors. The previous model of the Gladiator already looks as rugged and as Jeep as it can be, so there isn’t really any reason for Jeep to add more or update some of these things.

Same with the exterior, there isn’t really anything wrong with the previous Jeep Gladiator.

But we’re absolutely expecting a brand-new infotainment system in there because the one that’s in the 2021 Gladiator doesn’t support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto natively, which can be a dealbreaker for most people considering the age we live in right now.

It might also come with a subwoofer and wireless speaker right out-of-the-box too for its audio system.

New Jeep Gladiator Hercules

Size & Dimensions

Since there isn’t that much information available on the new Gladiator Hercules exterior’s redesign, we’re expecting the new model to have almost the same dimension and sizes as its predecessor.

Due to this, I can expect the new Gladiator Hercules to be 218” long, 73” wide, and 73” tall.  

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing since, with those specs, the 2021 Gladiator can tackle many harsh terrains and safely deliver its passengers through them.

Jeep Gladiator Hercules Engine Specs

We’ve mentioned that the new Gladiator might get an engine upgrade in its next model, but to be honest, Jeep will have to try a lot to top the one they’re using right now.

The previous model’s 3.0l EcoDiesel V6 engine already offers a ton of power to this monstrosity, so we’re fully expecting the new Gladiator to top this off with an even more powerful engine.

Performance, Fuel Economy & Towing Capacity

One of the selling points for the previous Gladiator model is its performance, and more specifically, its towing capacity.

With the engine I mentioned above, the 2021 Gladiator scores decently on its 0-to-60 test at 7.3 seconds, which isn’t bad by any means for a midsized truck with tons of gusto like this one.

As for the fuel economy also scores pretty decently with 17/22 mpg for city and highway driving, respectively.

And finally, for its key selling point, the previous model can tow an impressive 7650 pounds with its engine. This one selling point is definitely one of those things that other midsized trucks can say willy-nilly.

So, with all that said, I can expect even better results for the new Gladiator Hercules with an engine upgrade. I personally expect it to score 6.5 seconds for 0-60 test, 20/25 mpg for city and highway fuel economy, and perhaps an 8.000 lbs. towing capacity.

Jeep Gladiator Hercules Release Date & Price

As for the release date and price themselves, Jeep has been pretty quiet about this upcoming Gladiator Hercules. But there are still assumptions that I can make based on the previous model’s release date and price.

Right now, we’re expecting the Gladiator Hercules to come out in Spring 2022 at the earliest if everything goes well with all this pandemic going on.

For the price itself, considering that the previous model is already quite cheap anyway, we’re fully expecting the new Gladiator Hercules to not break the $40,000 barrier for the base trim.

Final Word

That’s pretty much all the information that I have on the new Gladiator Hercules. Again, Jeep has been pretty quiet about this one model for a long time now, so there might be something bombastic or amazing that they don’t want to reveal to the audience yet.

So always keep your eye out if you’re interested in Jeep’s Gladiator lineup. It’s a fairly new lineup, but it definitely hits the classic nostalgia of old-school Jeep pickup trucks that we enthusiast is clearly interested in.

Anyway, that’s enough for this article dissecting all the news available on the Jeep Gladiator Hercules.

Thank you for reading it through until the end. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the future of Jeep midsized pickup trucks, as well as what you hope the Gladiator Hercules will have in its roster. We’ll see you next time. See you!