2021 Honda Odyssey Release Date, Facelift, Specs & Price

2021 Honda Odyssey Redesign Exterior

One SUV that attracts most people is the Honda Odyssey. This car allows users to travel as well as big adventures. However, you will appreciate this car more because it is practical for your daily use. And apparently, this car will appear with the latest version of the 2021 Honda Odyssey.

Surely there are many things that Honda is doing to develop and improve the quality of this car. The interior and exterior design of this car is very impressive and also features that are increasingly inventive. It aims to provide ease of driving for you and your family. The following are some of the new things in the Honda Odyssey that will emerge in 2021.

2021 Honda Odyssey Redesign Exterior & Interior Changes

On the exterior, the latest Odyssey comes with a new grille with black blades replacing the chrome accents. The grille is flanked by LED headlights which are standard on Honda cars. In addition, this minivan comes with the latest 19-inch rims and side mirrors that can dim automatically.

2021 Honda Odyssey is also not immune to make improvements to its interior design. This car has three rows of seats and also wide cargo. In addition, this car also uses quality materials and flexibility in the interior.

The front seat on the Honda Odyssey apparently can be adjusted to your power at all trim levels. That way, the chair will feel soft and comfortable because it uses extraordinary leather material. In addition, this car can accommodate adults and provide more headroom.

Then, in the third row, there is also a larger room and legroom than the other minivans which is 38 inches. Odyssey has three rows of seats with 33 cubic feet of cargo space.

For the Touring and Elite variants as the highest, appearing in black piano on the dashboard, door and front door handles, while the Elite is equipped with exclusive dashboard trim and leather for first and second-row seats.

Safety & Security Features

Odyssey which will appear in 2021 apparently has safety standards throughout the world. This feature is in the form of automatic emergency braking that has the highest crash-test rating. In addition, the Honda Odyssey has an active sensing suite safety feature that is available on all trims including automatic emergency braking.

These features can detect automatic high beams, pedestrians, active cruise control, adaptive roaming control, traffic sign reminders, and rear-seat reminders. Not only that, but Odyssey also has a long and wide body with significant back spots.

Then, the Honda Odyssey also has a cross-traffic warning address behind and a motorcycle blind spot as standard equipment. Of course, this safety feature makes this car get a Top Safety Pick.


Honda Odyssey turns out to have smart features that can add to your comfort in driving. These features utilize a touch screen interface that is larger than before. But for the type of LX which only has a smaller screen display of 5.0 inches.

In addition, this car has three rows of seats which allows you to carry more passengers. And this Odyssey has a keyless ignition key, a strong driver’s seat, Bluetooth connectivity, and also two USB charging ports.

Odyssey with the EX type apparently has a plus by adding more room for one more passenger. That way this car can accommodate as many as 8 people. In addition, the seats in the EX in the second row are “Magic Slides” which can slide sideways to reconfigure their seats.

The LX feature is an 8.0-inch touch screen with EX trim coverage and also supports Apple CarPlay. In addition, this car also has Android Auto compatibility, heated front seats, remote start, three-zone climate control, power sliding rear doors, and blind-spot monitors with traffic warnings at the rear.

Meanwhile, for the EX-L type, Odyssey added moonroof, leather seats, PA systems in the car, and power tailgate. There is also a rear entertainment system, dual rear USB ports, and a high-resolution 10.2-inch screen. Other entertainment features in the Honda Odyssey are wi-fi hotspots, cameras to monitor the second and third lines, and also fog lights and LEDs.

2021 Honda Odyssey Engine and Fuel Economy

2021 Honda Odyssey apparently really saves fuel usage even above the average. Front-wheel drive and automatic 10-speed make the use of Odyssey fuel more efficient. The engine that Odyssey uses is a 3.5-liter V-6 with a 10-speed automatic.

Therefore, this car has 280 horsepower with the help of the front wheels that give strength to the Odyssey. In addition, this car also uses an engine with a combined value of 22 mpg EPA. That way your trip will be more soothing and very efficient.

Odyssey produces a smooth ride even when you snap 10 teeth. This is because the engine and transmission in this car can still be said to be new. So that this minivan is far superior for daily use compared to other minivans.

In addition, Odyssey can direct the movement well without having to spend a lot of effort such as resistance when turning. Like driving a boat, when a boat turns it will produce too aggressive movements. However, the engine can help Odyssey to continue to provide both you and the passengers comfort while driving.

2021 Honda Odyssey Price and Date Release Date

The Honda Odyssey facelift will reportedly first appear in April at the New York Auto Show. It seems that the plague that was sweeping did not force the cancellation of the event. And the upgraded minivan will go on sale at the end of the year.

As for the price itself, the Honda Odyssey has a different price range for each type. For the LX Type, the estimated price of this car is $32,000, the EX type is $36,000 and the EX-L is priced at $40,000. As for the type of tour for $47,000 and Elite for $49,000 which is all just an estimate.

So, that was some information you can get about 2021 Honda Odyssey as a fun family minivan. This car can certainly be your choice and family both for daily needs and long trips. Of course, this Odyssey Facelift has a series of advantages that you deserve.