Subaru Baja Reborn (Comeback in 2022 as 2023 Model Year?)

Subaru plans to release the New Subaru Baja, a small truck, into the market this year. They have seen an opportunity in the market where no compact truck is available anymore.

There are Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado options; however, they are not exactly compact. Whereas small trucks like Ranchero & El-Camino are not in the market anymore.

Seeing this opportunity, they will release a new Subaru Baja to meet the enthusiasts of people who love small trucks.

Rumors say that a new truck will also come with great design and engines to support the road’s performance. Therefore, many people are excited to see how this truck will deliver to the market when it releases.

2021 Generations Subaru Baja

Exterior Design of 2022 Subaru Baja

The Subaru Baja will be coming with a unibody architecture that is different from trucks on the market. Even though it is categorized as a truck, the design is made classy but tough.

By sight, the truck looks like the Viziv concept. However, it is a bit longer, around 15 inches. The lining on the truck’s whole body makes it bold, even though the size is smaller than normal trucks.

Overall the dimension of the truck is smaller than other trucks in the market. However, the Subaru Baja is larger with bolder lines than the Honda Ridgeline model.

The overall design and material of the Subaru Truck are made to resist any weather and condition. So, whether you go in rain or snow, you won’t have to worry about your vehicles. Therefore, this is a great truck for those who love outdoor adventures.

New Subaru Baja Truck Release Date

Subaru Truck Interior

Besides the design, the 2022 Subaru Baja plans to style the car’s interior uniquely. One of the newest plans introduces the new unique cabin that can bring up to 4-5 people.

Subaru will be combining a famous SUV design with some truck designs into the car. Thanks to this plan, people can expect a lot of new features that will support your drive.

With the new design of Subaru Baja, both the cabin and the carbo offer a large space. The cargo capacity offers a 42-inch sleeping area, which is smaller than normal trucks. However, they came up with a great design where people could get a larger sleeping area.

People can open the cabin in the back area and fold the seats to connect the area. If you still need more area, you can open the cargo behind, get a bed extender, and install it on the back. With this design, people can get an additional 7.5 feet to relax.

Even though the interior will be redesigned, there are a few special things inside. Leather seats, widescreen, and connection features are standard things you will get inside the New Baja.

So, don’t expect too much from the truck’s interior design.

Expecting Engine of Subaru Baja

As the size is not like a full-size truck, the engines inside will also be different. However, Subaru plants have good engines to ensure the truck delivers great performance.

One of the speculations is that Subaru will be using the new 2.4-Liter 4-cylinder powertrain for its engine. This engine can deliver up to 260 horsepower and 277-lb of torque.

The engine will also have a five-speed manual gearbox, completing the performance of the Subaru Baja.

Some source also says that there will be another turbocharged; however, it is not yet confirmed. The upcoming Baja will hit 60mph in only 7.3 seconds with this machine and lightweight design. It is quite a great right for a small truck on the road.

2022 Subaru Baja Release Date & Price

Those waiting for this truck in the market must wait until the beginning of 2022. Rumors say that the company will start opening its order at the end of the year, but it looks like we still have to be patient about that.

As for the price, looking at the features and design, the New Subaru Baja will be available starting from $30.000.

However, this is the only basic car without any features inside the car. Despite this car’s rare advertising, many people expect to see this small truck on the road.

Buy or No Buy?

After knowing the design, engines, and price, is the New Subaru Baja worth buying? If you are looking for a tough vehicle that can accompany you in any condition, it is. Even though Subaru Baja is categorized as a truck, it has a unique design like an SUV. The design is not too tough and not a monster for city use.

The space inside the truck is also spacey, which is great if you are looking for a family car. Especially because you can bring a car for traveling or a ride just around the city, it has great features and a wide space to install a bed if you want to travel.

However, this is not a fancy kind of car, so don’t expect to look classy or high class in it. Overall the design is interesting but not too high class. The truck is also not too big to bring many things inside, so it isn’t the best choice for a cargo car. Therefore, if you need an affordable traveling vehicle, Subaru Baja should be a great option.