2021 VW Sharan New Generation, Specs & Release Date

The 2021 VW Sharan is a German MPV manufactured by the Volkswagen Group. It was first produced in 1995, and the first generation is said to be very similar to the Ford Galaxy.

When you have a family, a car becomes one of your needs. Then, all you have to seek is a family-friendly minivan.

If you are looking for that vehicle, then 2021 VW Sharan could be the best answer. This car has a spacious room, also reliable and versatile. The company seems to want to target a new young family.

That is why, when you see its exterior, you will get a sense of eye-catching and stylish MPV on the road.

Seeing this new model, the car won’t get many chances in some parts. It is due to the Sharan team that has done a great job in the previous 2020 model year.

However, there are new things here, especially the features inside the cabin. That is why the 2021 VW Sharan is still considered an attractive minivan compared to the others. Moreover, many people keep this minivan as the best and comfortable car to recommend.

VW Sharan History

VW Sharan (Volkswagen Sharan) is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with a respectful engine and appearance. “Sharan” was inspired by a Persian word that means “a carrier of the king.”

The company wished that this car could offer luxury convenience like the king’s vehicle. Even though it came to the UK market, it sounds like a girl’s name called “Sharon.”

The German Volkswagen Group joined with the Ford Motor Company to produce its first generation in May 1995. But the concept was first introduced in 1994 at the Paris Auto Show. The first generation had two phases of a facelift. The first was in 2000 – 2003, and then the second was in 2004 – 2010.

In 2010, the second generation was released at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, while its sibling, the SEAT Alhambra, was also launched one month later. The company did some touches here, such as reducing the weight, changed the engine, replaced the wheelbase until set the sliding door for the rear side instead of using the hinged model.

2021 VW Sharan Performance

What’s New?

Now the new VW Sharan 2021 model year is about to come. The rumor said that it would be available in basic and metallic colors. For the basic color palette, there are Pure White and Urano Gray.

While for the metallic version, you can choose Atlantic Blue, Reflex Silver, Indium Gray, and Dark Oak. Below are more details about this all-new Sharan:

2021 VW Sharan Redesign

Volkswagen always offers the best model for its fans. They successfully attract the market from the design. Seeing this all-new VW Sharen look, the feel is so attractive and different from the latest. Now it comes with the crossover-style cue. Furthermore, the company chooses the more lightweight materials, which mostly is of aluminum.

Moving to the platform and the wheels, you will see the remaining design from the previous model. Also, the front fascia is still impressive with its wider grille. The small tailing lights are replaced by new things that amaze you.

2021 VW Sharan Interior

If you are looking for a family car or are comfortable for adults, this vehicle is the best choice. You should thank the company for making a roomier cabin. The capacity is for six to seven adults.

So, for a long-distance journey, you do not worry about being crowded and stuffy. The Sharan is also often recommended for eight people inside.

More than that, both the steering wheel and seat height could be adjusted. It makes the driver more convenient. VW also put a new interior layout and instrument board. The dashboard size is exact, so it looks more modern and simpler. They also set a higher quality material to upscale its customer comfort.

The Safety Features

The 2021 Sharan will have new safety aids and features. Volkswagen upgraded its standard system to the automatic post-collision braking system.

The remaining safety systems are adaptive cruise control, lane keeps assist, blind-spot monitors, front assist with emergency braking, and third generation of Park Assist.

As for your entertainment convenience, you can find a 6.5-inch touchscreen. However, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay needs an additional cost. But that is a great investment to get maximum comfort.

2021 VW Sharan Features

Engine Options

Rumors said that the upcoming VW Sharan would come with three engine options. They are one petrol engine and two diesel units. As for the fuel economy version, you can choose the 2.0-liter engine, which generates 165 horsepower and 150-lb ft of torque.

The other is a 1.4 TSI turbocharged gasoline engine. It can result in 160 horsepower and 140-lb ft of torque.

The engine can optimize the speed up to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds. In addition, the maximum speed can reach 120 miles per hour. By using this engine, you can save fuel up to 15%.

2021 VW Sharan Release Date & Price

Currently, you can buy this minivan at the nearest dealer in your city. It cost about $31,000 for the base model and $49,000 for the top model. For the highest price is for the three trim level options and the range-topping. While the lowest one is for the base version.

2021 Sharan could be the last generation of this German Minivan. That’s because VW will launch ID Buzz next year. It means ID Buzz will take over Sharan’s position.