Headlight Bulbs: H11 VS H11B: Which one is Better?

Halogen projector lightbulbs are becoming more popular among automobile owners who wish to enhance the look of their vehicles’ headlights.

Bulb types such as H11 and H11B are among the most common choices available to you. But not every high-intensity discharge (HID) will fit into the lightbulb housing.

Consequently, you must understand the distinctions between H11 and H11B, the two choices, to choose which one better matches your needs. Another thing to consider is whether or not the product is compatible with your vehicle.

When it comes to their socket housing and tab orientation, the two lightbulbs – H11 and H11B – only have a minor variation from one another.

Because of this, H11 and H11B are not interchangeable, and this page will explain all of the differences between them.

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What’s the Difference between the H11 & H11B?

The main difference between H11 and H11B is that the B version comes with the connecting pins/plug exposed, while the former does not. For example, consider any regular old electrical plug you may have on an appliance or electronic device in your home. In contrast, the standard H11 version has a connection inside a connector to keep the pins and wires in place.

Please continue reading to learn more about the two kinds of light bulbs and how they vary from one another.

  • Filament Life Expectancy

Compared to the H11 filament, the H11B has almost three times the filament life. It takes 930 hours to burn through an H11B filament, while it takes just 270 hours to burn through an H11 filament.

Since H11 is intended to function as a fog light or drive light for your vehicle, as a result, it is not designed to last as long as H11B. In contrast, the H11B bulb is used for low-beam illumination.

  • Sockets of Various Sizes

The H11 and H11B bulbs may be inserted into the headlight housing’s cutouts with three tabs. Each time, one of the tabs is broader than the others, which generally indicates the kind of lightbulb your vehicle requires.

H11 and H11B are not interchangeable since they don’t fit into the same socket and have the exact dimensions.

  • Connection Plug with an Exposed Connector

It has an exposed connecting connection that looks just like any regular electrical socket often seen in ordinary household electronic gadgets.

On the other hand, an H11 light bulb has a connection enclosed inside a connector, making it easier to use. This allows it to keep the wires in their original positions.

  •  Other Light Bulbs compatibility

The H11 bulb is interchangeable with a few other bulbs, including the H8, H9, and L-shaped H16. As a result, if any of the latter fit into your car’s headlight housing, you may purchase an H11 bulb.

The H11B, on the other hand, does not work into the headlight housing of any other bulb. As a result, the H11B light bulb can’t be used in place of any other light bulb.

  • Return Wire

When using H11, the return wire should be positioned immediately next to the widest tab, i.e., at the bottom of the ring. The return wire of H11B, on the other hand, is positioned in the opposite direction of the widest tab, resulting in it being situated at the top of the ring. As a result, these bulbs need distinct sockets and can’t be substituted for one another.

  • Installation Procedures Differ

The H11 and H11B bulbs are also distinguished by how they must be installed in your vehicle’s headlights. H11B is installed using a twist-in method, while H11 uses a plug-in method.

  • High-beam or Low-beam lighting

High Beam Or Low Beam, a famous lightbulb, the H11B (sometimes known as the H11A), may be used for both high and low beam lighting applications and is very inexpensive to purchase. Furthermore, it may often be found in fog lights, as well. Almost all automobile manufacturers use the H11 lightbulb.

The H11B is not often seen, but it is compatible with Hyundai and KIA automobiles. These automobiles are equipped with low-beam headlights, and the H11B is an excellent choice for cars.

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How Do I Figure Out What I Need?

Choosing between an H11 and an H11B lightbulb is a straightforward decision regarding headlights. Simply looking at the rear of your car’s headlights will provide the answer. In certain vehicles, this may be a little difficult.

Determine the one you want by looking at where the most comprehensive slot is located. Then purchase the bulbs from the internet or your local garage.

A faulty bulb can cause problems with your vehicle if you misuse it. Even if the bulb fits, the return wire may be disconnected.

The car’s headlights may be obscured by a shadow that runs down the center of the lens.

This would result in less light being produced, and your headlights would be less effective as a result. It won’t be the end of the world if you use the wrong lightbulb, but you won’t be able to see as far while driving in the dark, which may be potentially dangerous.

Other bulbs that will fit in your headlight housing, such as the H8, H9, and L-shaped H16, are comparable to the H11B, which is a small bulb with a bright white light. The H11, on the other hand, is incompatible with any other light bulbs at all.


Owners of automobiles often express confusion regarding the H11 and H11B lightbulbs. They frequently inquire about which one to purchase or which one would be the best choice for their vehicle.

The information in the preceding sections has dispelled some of the misconceptions surrounding these two halogen bulbs. You should be aware that the terms H11 and H11B are not interchangeable and have some significant distinctions.

You must examine the headlight size & headlight socket into which the lightbulb will be inserted to choose which lightbulb will be most appropriate for your automobile.