6 Best Color Rims For Blue Car (and Color to Avoid)

Many people want to drive a blue car during the day. The vehicle exhibits style and will impress many new people along the way. However, choosing a suitable color scheme for the rims can be a big test. Driver has many choices, so they should research what is available to them.

Colored rims can enhance the vibrant colors already on the car itself. That is why many people customize their cars to make them appear more lively. Investing wisely in a nice set of rims can also bring rewards over time.

While choosing the best color rims to go with a blue car is mostly a personal choice, there are several colors most people think would look better with blue than others.

So, What color rims go best on a blue car?

Choosing rims with Anthracite, silver, black, or white colors for a blue car is wise. Black and silver rims (two-tone color) are suitable for an SUV, while white and Anthracite rims are great for sedans and sports cars.

Each color shows a different impression. This article will provide recommendations that best match your blue car. I also include the details for each color.

Best Color Rims For Blue Car

Here now are 6 rim colors that potentially evoke a stunning look on your cars:

Anthracite (Gunmetal)

The stark color of the Anthracite could inspire many new designs. It will contrast with the blue and make it shine for the viewer.

Anthracite is a perfect choice and could change how people look at blue cars. It certainly provides a “handsome” look to the car itself.

The Anthracite color may be added by a professional body shop in the area. Talk to them and get their professional opinion about the color scheme.

That could be the best idea when the car is given as a gift to people. Think about personal preference and whether the intense Anthracite color is right too.


Black rims are an attractive choice because it is unsophisticated. The original choice will add new life to the blue color scheme.

Black Rims On blue SUV

Black complements blue for several good reasons. It is a shade that will contrast against the car’s blue body. Choose between matte black and shiny black for the rim colors.

A body shop can demonstrate that effect in the store itself. That allows the new car buyer to choose the right rim color. Black is a stark color, so choose wisely when adding some rims to the car body.


Silver rims are another great idea that will pay off for the people. That color is exciting and will dazzle any onlooker who sees the car.

Glimpse the silver rims in a body shop and make a purchase decision. The body shop can show off several models of Silver rims.

The Silver rims are in high demand, and that is a good idea to follow. Invest in the car and make as smart decisions as possible.

Silver rims will add real value to the car over time. Resell the car at a higher price, thanks to the silver rims. Blue will match Silver rims quite nicely once installed too.


Everyone loves to see Chrome rims on a car. That color is sparkling and will enhance the blue color shade.

Some people wonder whether Chrome is a color. But it will be nice to see whether it is a shade or a color.

Chrome rims are a wise investment since others will look at the color more often.

Get looks wherever the car might go and take pride in the investment. Many body shops will keep chrome rims in stock for the fans to see. Check out the wares and buy a new set of chrome rims very soon.


A small hatchback in a light color will go well with white rims, and the blue car is no exception.

So, if you have a hatchback like the Hyundai Veloster, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, or Nissan Leaf, white is my recommendation when upgrading your rims.

The white rims will be a catalyst for the striking color of your car; it’s like whipped cream on top of a fruit-flavored pudding.

Two-Tone Color (Black-Silver)

The combination of black and silver on a wheel has been trendy in recent years, and some people call it two-tone alloy wheels.

No wonder two-tone rims are so popular. They do look great, especially when the car is moving.

In recent years, car manufacturers have often opted for this color as the default color, and that’s good because you don’t have to buy it separately. It’s just that this type of rims is becoming very common because it comes as standard, and maybe it will look boring to some people.

Rims Color To Avoid For Blue Car

Many colors might clash with the blue body paint. Try to avoid strange colors like yellow or purple if possible. Those colors are weird, and the pairing is off for the body.

Gold is another color which will be strange for a blue car. It doesn’t have the match Silver, or Chrome rims would have in store. Bronze is yet another color that is to be avoided when adding rims. Talk to a body shop and learn more about the right color choices. They have sage advice and could showcase the best rims possible.

Final Word

Remember that a full set of rims might be pricey to add. The color scheme should be perfect, and the car will be enhanced. Consider the rims to be an investment in the car over time.

The value of the car could be increased with new rims in tow. Pay for the rims on time, and the body shop will get to work on them.

At the end of the day, choosing the color of the rims is a matter of preference, so take your pick. If it makes you happy, then go for it; it’s your car, it’s your choice, and you deserve it.