9 Best Color Rims for Grey Car 2024 (With Pictures)

Gray cars may not be flashy, and this color tends to be calm and silent. But with just a few modifications or changes, you can change a car that previously looked more luxurious, classy, and aggressive.

You may think about many things to change, but a simple color change for your rims will give so much attention to your car. You will go from being a person who has a boring grey vehicle to someone who has a car that looks awesome.

So, what color rims go with a grey car?

The best color for a grey can be black, gunmetal, silver, Red, chrome, magnesium blue, or bronze. Each one gives a different feel that will make your car even more pleasing to the eye.

In this article, I will provide my recommendations on the best rims colors for gray cars, along with details about them.

Fun fact, I have a gray Civic in my garage, so here are my recommendations on the best rim and wheel colors for a gray car based on my experience.


Do black wheels look good on a gray car? Yes, of course. We all know that black will always go along with any car paint. It is a neutral color that fits any style and looks minimalistic and classy at the same time.

Any finish will work, but a metallic finish is a way to go if you want it to be more flashy. Having a satin finish will give you that stealthy look if you want to stay low-key. Black rims will always make your car look like a high-end vehicle. If you want, you can also paint the brake calipers in another color to get a fresh look.


Grey Honda Civic With Gunmetal Rims

Gunmetal is like the middle ground for people who can’t choose between black and silver. Do you want a stealthy look but don’t want black? Gunmetal is the perfect color for you.

A Matte Brushed Gunmetal along will give your car a luxurious feel, just like a sports car. A Gunmetal color with white accents will undoubtedly blend to give that sporty feel. Gunmetal Rims also perfectly fit on black cars.


Silver Rims on Slate Grey Car pictures
Silver Rims on Slate Grey Car by 6speedonline.com/whiterock

Using silver rims and wheels on a gray car is a safe choice. You can never go wrong with silver rims on your gray vehicle.

This combination is the most commonly used. Even silver rims are the color you will get when you first get your car from the dealership.

Although commonly used, it doesn’t mean Silver rims will be dull. It will still add an elegant, clean and expensive impression to your car.


Matte Bronze Rims on Grey Car Pictures
Matte Bronze Rims on Grey Car by bimmerpost.com/Frenel12

A dark-gray car with bronze rims, it’s so good. With bronze rims, your car will look more “fast.” This combination is perfect for sedans and coupes.

Bronze rims also bring luxury elegance that fits the portion, not too much. Bronze Rims are also perfect for white and Silver Cars.


Gold Rims for Grey Honda Civic Pictures
Gold Rims for Grey Honda Civic by instagram.com/bgully123

Go for GOLD! Just like the ones you see in racing films and video games that we know and love as kids, this color will add a considerable amount of difference to your car.

Compared to the stealthy look of the black rims, this color will seek more attention for your vehicle. You have that sporty look that will surely make people around you go, “Wow.” Gold Rims also work well on red cars.


The elegance I’m talking about is on another level. Chrome rims will look very elegant on a gray car. With chrome rims, your car will look wholly modified. Trust me; it will be different.

Classic 80s and 90s cars match these color rims. The JDM owners will agree that the chrome color is perfect for your JDM car.


Red Color Rims on Grey Mustang Pictures
Red Color Rims on Grey Mustang by Instagram.com/charlotte_red.fst

Red would be a perfect color for your rims. It is a vibrant color that stands out well, mix in some black accents along with it, and you’re good to go. If you plan to put decals on your car, then putting Red ones to go with your Red rims would be a plus, as they would complement each other for a more uniform look that goes well with grey.


Different hues of blue can work well with your grey car, but dark shades will be better if you have a darker grey shade car. One example of an excellent blue hue is the Magnesium Blue color, which fits grey cars well because of its dark shade. Add a bit of decal, and you’re good to go.

The blue color brings a sense of luxury and elegance at the same time. If you have a classic sedan or coupe, I won’t hesitate to suggest you try blue rims, especially the magnesium blue color.

Two Tone Rims

Grey Toyota Highlander With Two Tone Rims

As its name suggests, the Two Tone color combines two hues with striking contrast, such as black and white, black and silver, and so forth. The gunmetal shining – silver/chrome combination rims are my personal favorite.

Since the rise of automakers who released their new cars with bundled wheel models a decade ago, two-tone wheels have become more and more popular.

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