Worst to Best Tesla Model Y Colors 2023 (Unexpected Result)

The all-new Tesla Model Y are mid-size SUV and is fully electric. They offer a seating arrangement for seven people and are equipped with excellent specifications and features.

Keeping aside all the specifications and features offered by the Tesla Model Y, another striking aspect of these cars is the available colors. Yes, Model Y is available in 5 different colors:

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat (free)
  • Midnight Silver Metallic (+$1,000)
  • Deep Blue Metallic (+$1,000)
  • Solid Black (+$1,500)
  • Red Multi-Coat (+$2,000)

So, what is the best color for Tesla Model Y?

I think Pearl white Multi-coat is the best of the limited options. This color gives a modern look, clean and futuristic. And you don’t have to pay anything extra on the base price to get this Pearl White Multi-Coat paint, whereas you have to pay $2,000 extra for the red multi-coat.

Tesla Model Y in Pearl White Color

5 Tesla Model Y Colors

As mentioned above, the Tesla Model Y is accessible in 5 unique colors. But when it comes to choosing one color, you have to figure out the best one and the worst one.

To make it easier for you, I have listed the worst to best colors for Tesla Model Y. Read on:

Solid Black

The first color I want to discuss with you is Solid Black. Though many people consider this the “coolest” color, this is probably the worst of all the five colors Tesla offers.

No doubt, the black color can look stunning at a glance, but there are some drawbacks. The first drawback is that you will have to pay $1,500 extra over the actual base price. It is entirely unnecessary, and most importantly, the black color they offer tends to collect dirt.

Also, the black color can chip easily as the Solid Black color is not available in the multi-coat version. Expect to get some specks after a few uses.

Though black can look stunning, I think it is the worst color of all the five colors available for ranking.

Midnight Silver Metallic

The next one on the list that I think is better than Solid Black but worse than the other three colors available is the Midnight Silver Metallic. Though it doesn’t look completely black, you cannot find a difference between these two in the dark.

The Midnight Silver Metallic color can look perfect in certain lights, especially in the daylight or under some artificial lighting. Also, the metallic finish of the paint can give a beautiful touch to the car.

This is better than black because this color can hide some of the dirt specks efficiently. But if you compare this to the other three colors – white, red, and blue, then I feel Midnight Silver Metallic comes as the fourth-best color.

Deep Blue Metallic

Personally, I love this color on Tesla Model Y. You have to pay $1000 extra on the base price to get the Deep Blue Metallic.

Though it is a fantastic color for the Tesla Model Y, it is not considered the best compared to white and red.

Hence, I am featuring it as the third-best one! One of the reasons for not being the best color is that the deep blue color doesn’t come with a multi-coat. Instead, it comes with a beautiful metallic finish.

Multi-coat paints can be beneficial and look much more premium and luxurious. Besides this, I think Deep Blue Metallic is not the best because the color can look a lot different in specific lighting.

While it can give a “wow” feeling most of the time, in the shadows or the dark, this color doesn’t look that stunning.

Red Multi-Coat

Talking about the second-best Tesla Model Y color is the Red Multi-Color. It is also my favorite color of all five.

You have to pay $2,000 extra on the base price to get the Red Multi-Coat, but it is entirely worth every penny as it matches the performance caliber. Moreover, the red color looks superbly stunning.

If you want to enjoy the best performance, then I must say that red is the color to get.

The reasons to choose the red color are that it is multi-coat looks stunning, and is also the signature color of the Tesla. Also, you will not see many of these red Teslas out there on the road. So, owning the Red Multi-Coat Model Y is undoubtedly the best decision you can make.

Pearl White Multi-Coat

The last and the best of all, the Model Y color and maybe also the best for another Tesla line-up like Model 3 or Model X, is Pearl White Multi-Coat. Though, in my opinion, the red color is the most stunning one, Pearl White Multi-Color is even better than that.

As I have said earlier, too, multi-coat paint is arguably the highest and the best quality paint that you can have on your car.

The best part of this is that you don’t have to pay anything extra on the base price to get this Pearl White Multi-Coat paint, whereas you have to pay $2,000 extra for the red multi-coat.

The Pearl White color looks great in all types of lighting. Talking about the performance of this color, it offers a high-quality performance like that of red. You get the same quality and performance as the Pearl White without paying anything extra. Can you beat that?

What Interior Color Should I Get?

The Model Y offers two colors for the interior, All-Black, and Black and White.

You don’t have to overthink the interior color; any of them would look great with the Model Y and wouldn’t look bad on any color variant of the car.

Just be sure to choose which one you think would suit you best and what would be easier for you to clean whenever needed.


To finish off, I must say that you cannot go wrong with any of these five colors for your Tesla Model Y. But definitely, many people can be confused about which one is the best and which color can give the best performance.

Hopefully, it is pretty clear to you now, and you can pick the best Tesla Model Y color for your car.

According to the performance and quality, while Pearl White and Red are the best, Midnight Silver and Solid Black are the worst. So, pick the color wisely, keeping every factor in mind!

As always, you always have the final decision, so you can choose whatever color you want and what you think will be perfect for you. I am just here to give you ideas and tips and help you quickly and efficiently decide.