Best Tesla Model 3 Color (2024)

No matter what you think about electric cars, It is all about color. Tesla does not offer many color options, but the few that they do offer can make purchasing their Model 3 vehicle challenging. If you want your favorite one, you may be out of luck when it comes to this Electric Vehicle brand.

To find out about the best and worst Tesla Model 3 colors, just keep reading my article. I wrote it so you would have the best information possible to make the right decision for your new vehicle.

You Can Have Any Color You Want” that statement was made by Henry Ford when he made the Model T. Tesla has improved on it by offering more than just the standard black color. While this company only offers their Model 3 in 5 colors they are all safe colors.

The following five colors are also not exclusive to this company. You will find them on a variety of cars made by Telsa’s competitors:

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Deep Blue Metallic (add $1,000 to the base price)
  • Solid Black (add $1,500 to the base price)
  • Red Multi-Coat (add $2,000 to the base price)

So, What Tesla Model 3 Color is Best?

Pearl White multicoat is the best color for Tesla Model 3 in 2022. You get a clean, futuristic and modern look to your vehicle when you buy the Model 3. The good news is that you do not have to pay anything extra for this color. It is supposed to be a standard color used by the corporation. If you want the car to be red, then look at paying an extra $2,000 to get your Model 3 in the Red Multi-coat option.

Tesla Model 3 Color Option

Tesla Model 3 Colors-worst to Best

As you know, any list going from worse to first is always subjective. Your choice may be different from ours, and that is okay. The following list is how I see this car’s colors and if they are attractive or not.

5. Solid Black

While many people consider this the most fabulous color you can have on a car. This is probably the worst one you can pick on your tesla model 3. Black makes for a stunning look, but its drawbacks are what put it on the bottom of the list.

This color will cost you an extra $1500, and black is known to attract dirt. That means you are paying too much and giving yourself extra work when you need to wash it. There is also the risk of chipping and exposing the metal to the elements. This is not a multi-coat option.

4. Midnight Silver Metallic

This color is a little better than black but not as good as the other three colors on this list. One of the reasons I make this categorization is that it is hard to tell the silver car from the black car when it is dark outside.

What makes it better than the black color is how it looks under natural or artificial light. The metallic influence gives this color a beautiful look, and the silver makes the car look perfect in the daytime.

Also, this color hides the dirt better than black does. However, these advantages do not make it better than the Blue, White, and red colors on this list.

3. Deep Blue Metallic

I love the look of this color. It is sleek, professional, and makes a statement. While it is a fantastic color to have on this car, it costs an extra $1,000 to get it painted on the Model 3.

I did not place it above the red and white options, even though it is a color I love, because, like black and silver, it is not a multi-coat color. It can scrape off and expose the metal underneath.

Also, while this color can give off a ‘wow’ moment under the right light, in low-light conditions, it is not so extraordinary.

2. Red Multi-coat

This is my favorite of the five colors available for the Model 3. I like how the color looks on this car and highlights its features. Unfortunately, to get this color of red, you need to pay an extra $2000.

Red Multi Coat Tesla Model 3 Pictures

But that expense is worth every penny as the color matches the performance capability of the car. Plus, that red color looks absolutely stunning. This is the color to get when you want to enjoy the most out of the performance of this vehicle.

What makes this color so special is that it is a signature Tesla color, and there are not a lot of Model 3 Teslas sporting this color on the road. Your car will be unique as it stands out from the crowd.

1. Pearl White Multi-coat

Even though I adore the red color, that option just does not over-power or trump this white color option. It is due to the superior quality of the multi-coat painting style. This has to be the highest and best quality of paint, and it really shows those qualities off in this pearl white color.

What helps make it better than the red option is that this color is free. It is a standard color option, and you can save $2000 over the red option.

Pearl White Tesla Model 3 Pictures

What is also special about this color that makes it the best one to choose is that it looks good no matter what lighting surrounds it. It is hard to beat getting the same quality of paint as the red color and not having to pay extra for it that superior paint style.

Some Final Words

When you compare the different colors, you will see that the red and white pearl options are the best quality colors you can buy. The midnight silver and black just do not match up with those paint options.

The final decision is yours to make, and my list is here to help you make the best decision possible, no matter which color you pick.

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