6 Best Color Rims for A White Car (With Pictures)

A car is an invaluable asset to any American. Notably, most of the vehicles in this country are white, making up 23.9% of the population. This statistic is according to a survey conducted by iSeeCars.com. On the other hand, grayscale colors, including black, Silver, gray, and white, contribute to approximately 77.1%.

Thanks to its neutrality, white is a significantly popular choice. While it is a pretty decent choice, it can sometimes be too dull. That means you must invest in other aspects to help spice it up. Usually, the best thing to consider would be to choose a different rim color. This option is an excellent choice for anyone on a relatively tight budget.

Unfortunately, choosing an excellent rim color is a daunting process. That is because you must select a color that complements your white car.

Here are some of the best rim colors that look best on your white car.


Bronze is a relatively rare choice, mainly because most people haven’t noticed its beauty.

Bronze Rims on White Cars pictures
Brushed Bronze Rims on White Cars by MrSmartyPants on F80.bimmerpost.com

This color ensures that your vehicle stands out from the crowd. Yet, it will be wise to use them on sedans. You could also use them on coupes, including the Nissan GTR, Lancer Evo, and the BMW M5.


Here is a choice you cannot overlook. It highlights elegance and strength, providing you with a lasting impression.

Gunmetal Rims for White Car pictures
Gunmetal Rims for White Car By e90-4aj on f80.bimmerpost.com

Using these rims on your coupe will give it a casual appeal that is suitable for everyday use. In addition, you can rely on this color to hide stains. Not only on white cars, but gunmetal rims also look great on black cars.


When you are confused about which rim color is right for your white car, Silver is the tiebreaker. You can never go wrong with silver rims. This choice comes in handy for the undecided.

Silver Rims Color on White Car Pictures

Besides matching your car’s white color, you can readily get silver OEM wheels. Nothing could be as satisfying as such accessibility.


Do black rims look good on a white car? This seems like an overly bold combination, but it’s not. Black and white colors complement each other.

In fact, black rims are suitable for various car colors, including white. Even red cars also look great with black rims.

A white car with a black leather interior is my favorite. You can never go wrong with this color combination.

Black Rims Color on White Car Pictures

This perfect blend ensures that your car looks more elegant and even stylish. What’s more, you’ll appreciate how bold the combo is.

If you have a large white car, such as an SUV or truck, it’s a brilliant idea to opt for black alloy wheels with a matte finish and a wheel diameter above 19 inches—ideally, I recommend 20 inches.

The combination of a large white car body with large-diameter black wheels will make your truck or SUV look much more masculine and distinctive.


Chopper Rims For White Car pictures
Chopper Rims For White Car by F80_M on f80.bimmerpost.com

If you are looking for unrivaled stylishness, a blend of copper and white will do the magic. These two colors make a striking statement when used together.

Two-Tone Color

Two-Tone Rims on White SUV
Via Lincoln.com

Undoubtedly, the two-tone color rims are enjoying surging popularity. This choice implies that the wheel comes with a combination of two complementing or matching colors. For instance, your wheel could be silver-black or silver-gunmetal.

The selection will often vary with your preferences. While most people could consider this combination boring, two-tone color wheels work best with bright colors. Trying it on a white car will be an excellent idea.

Final Thoughts

As you look forward to making your white car appear more elegant and perhaps beastly, getting the right rims should be your first step.

The insights provided above will ensure that your vehicle seems more appealing. Feel free to choose whichever rim color meets your preferences.