7 Best Color Rims For A Silver Car (With Pictures)

If the color of your car is silver, it is something associated with meanings of elegance, poise, and sophistication.

The color silver itself hides dirt and scratches quite well and is a practical choice, indeed. Now, If you drive silver wheels, you’re probably confident yet reserved. This color is not too flashy and not an introverted color as well.

Another good thing about this color is that it’s safe, and you can combine and match it easily with any color, especially if you want to replace the rims with aftermarket ones. There are a lot of colors to choose from that will match your silver-colored car.

So, What rim colors go well with a silver car?

If you own an elegant silver car, focus on colors such as Gunmetal Gray, Gold, Bronze, and Black. Black rims for a silver car could be very interesting, and remember that the tires have visual significance. If the tires are inappropriate, they will not look good in a silver car with alloy-colored rims.

Each color shows a different impression. This article will provide some recommendations that I firmly believe will best match your silver car. I also include the details for each color.

Before we proceed to the list of colors, I want to let you know that I own a silver car, and the colors below are the best choices based on my experience.


Black Rims on Silver Car Pictures
Black Rims on Silver Car by pistonheads.com/quench

This is the easiest and safest color option. You will never regret choosing black-colored rims for your silver car. It strongly contrasts a vehicle and makes your car look more elegant and rugged. You may also paint the brake calipers light to make your wheels stand out even more.

Glossy or Doff?

Well, it depends on each person’s preference, but you should generally look at your car type first because each car has its character.

For example, a rugged SUV will look cooler with matte black rims, while a luxury sedan will look more elegant with shiny black.

Gunmetal Gray

If you choose this color, it will make your silver car look more modern. This color is associated with modern technology. That’s why there’s no wonder this color gained quite a bit of popularity in the past few years. A sedan or coupe type of car goes well with gunmetal gray rims.

Gunmetal Gray on Silver Car Pictures
Gunmetal Gray on Silver Car by pistonheads.com/shinjuku


This color is not for everyone. That’s why you need to be more careful in using this color, especially on a silver car. A silver car already has a shiny element in it. Using gold rims will make it even more striking.

Are gold rims good on silver cars? It’s looking good. Gold rims will look ideal on silver vehicles if you choose a suitable color composition and wheel model or design.

Just imagine a piece of silver jewelry with a gold accent. It looks good, right? All you need is a little creativity to make your silver car awesome with gold rims.

Silver Nissan GT with Gold Wheels Pictures
Silver Nissan GT with Gold Wheels by Rohana Wheels


This rim color in a silver sports sedan will surely make you fall in love. It’s an excellent combination, and there’s not much to say about this lovely combination. Go to the wheel shop now and try it. You will love it, for sure.

Silver Lexus RC350 With Bronze Color Rims by Rohana Wheels
Silver Lexus RC350 With Bronze Color Rims by Rohana Wheels

Maybe most of us think that Bronze Rims feel very excessive. They are not. These colors can blend and provide an exquisite and luxurious color variation. In addition to silver cars, bronze rims are also suitable for other colors cars such as Grey, Red, and White.


Silver to silver? Why not? This rim color looks okay in a silver car. This color will add more elegance to your vehicle. This combination seems remarkable, especially when your car is moving. If you’re fond of something shiny, you may choose a chrome color to match your silver car.

Tiffany Blue (or other bright colors)

Tiffany Blue Rims on Silver Subaru WRX Sti by avangardewheels
Tiffany Blue Rims on Silver Subaru WRX Sti by avangardewheels

This color has shades from something mint green to turquoise, and it may sound crazy to use it in a silver car, but the truth is, this combination works well. However, not all types of cars can be good with this color combination. A hatchback such as Mazda 3, Hyundai Veloster, VW GTi, and WRX Sti would definitely look very cool with these Tiffany Blue rims.

Two Tone Rims

Silver SUV with Two Tone Rims

Two-tone rims can be an alternative if you want something different. If most rims or wheels consist of one color, you can try to put 2 colors into it.

Especially for silver cars, the most commonly used color combination is black and chrome. This combination presents a dynamic, elegant, and modern impression.

Other rim colors that look good on silver cars besides black and chrome are black-red, black-gold, and black-orange.

In my experience, a sports sedan looks impressive with two-tone black and gold rims.