Can a Sectional Sofa fit in a Pickup Truck? (Hauling Sectional Sofas)

Have you ever wondered if you can fit a sectional sofa in a pickup truck? If you consider buying or moving a sectional style sofa, this article is the place for you.

I will break down all the necessary steps to successfully move your sectional sofa and recommend some helpful tools and equipment to make the whole process easier for you.

Moving large furniture is never easy, and it is made even more difficult when you are unsure whether the pieces you want to move will fit in the vehicle you have available. Well, when it comes to your sectional sofa, fret not. This is the place where your sectional sofa moving struggles will disappear.

Does a Sectional Sofa Fit in a Pickup Truck? 

Your sectional sofa should fit and stack in the truck bed if you have a standard pickup truck. I recommend you take measurements of all parts and dimensions of the bed truck before loading it. Some types of sectional sofas may have too many sections to fit into a shot bed truck. Therefore, if the sectional you choose is larger than typical, you may need to figure in a second trip.

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What are the Steps to Fit My Sectional Sofa in a Pickup Truck?

There are five simple steps to get your sectional sofa ready to move in your pickup truck. These steps are:

First, Measure the Sofa and Truck Bed

It is essential to measure your sectional sofa. Sectionals vary a great deal in length and width and how many separate sections make up the sofa. Measuring the length and width of each section will help determine how to pack each piece in the bed of the pickup truck.

Just as it is essential to measure your sectional, it is equally important to know the dimensions of your truck bed. Whether the truck has an 8-foot bed, a 6-foot bed, or a 5-footbed, it is essential to know the dimensions to pack the sectional sofa pieces most effectively.

Second, Remove the Cushions

Once you are familiar with the dimensions of both the sofa and the truck bed, remove whatever cushions you can remove from your sofa.

Most sofas have at least some removable cushions, if not all. Stack these cushions inside the cab of the truck to protect them most effectively from the dirt and debris of the road as you move.

Third, Slide the Longest Section onto the Truck Bed

Once the cushions are removed, slide the longest piece of the sectional sofa onto the truck bed, with the bottom of the couch down. It should be situated in such a way that it still looks like you could sit on it.

If there are two equally long pieces, they can be slid in side by side bottom down, or if the dimensions of the truck do not allow for this, they can be slid side by side with the backs of each sofa sectional facing down the bed.

Fourth, Stack the Smaller Pieces on Top

Any smaller sectional pieces can be stacked on top of the longer pieces, top-down. With the longer pieces on the bottom, sitting the way they would on your living room floor, you can flip the smaller pieces upside down and rest them on top of the longer sections. This will keep all the upholstered sofa pieces from getting dirty, as they will all be sandwiched together rather than dragging along the potentially dirty truck.

Fifth, Strap in Your Sofa

It is essential to strap or tie down your sectional sofa pieces before driving off in the truck. However unlikely it may seem, you don’t want pieces of your sofa flying out of your truck bed as you drive. Make sure the pieces are secure with rope or straps before driving off.

Tools and Tricks to Make it Even Easier

To simplify moving your sectional even further, there are a few tools and tricks that you should know.

First, Cargo Blankets

Cargo blankets are essential to help make any move go more smoothly and keep your furniture from sustaining any unnecessary damage or picking up any dirt during the trip.

Cargo blankets can be rented from most moving companies, or you can use old towels, blankets, or other large pieces of material from your own home.

Wrap your furniture in cargo blankets before loading it to keep it clean and undisturbed as you move. It is also a wise idea to line your truck bed with cargo blankets to help cushion your sofa and keep it from getting dirty or scuffed as you slide it on and off the truck.

Second, A Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly can save you from many aches, pains, and day-after regrets when moving large pieces of furniture such as a sectional sofa.

A dolly will help move furniture from point A to point B without all the work coming from your own back, arms, and legs. It can also help stave off potential accidents or furniture drops where the moving pieces could get scuffed or damaged.

Furniture dollies can be purchased or rented from most home improvement stores, hardware stores, or moving companies, and they can quite literally lighten the load when moving.

Third, Moving Straps

Moving straps are handy because they balance the weight of whatever heavy object you are moving between yourself and another person.

They can take the weight off your back and knees as you move heavy pieces of furniture. They could be a good addition or alternative to a furniture dolly when moving your sectional sofa.

Fourth, Rope or Straps to Keep Your Furniture Secure

It is super important to make sure that your pieces of furniture are secure in the back of the pickup truck. Make sure you have some rope or straps on hand to tie down the furniture and keep it from shifting, bumping, or blowing around as you move.

Happy Moving!

These steps will make it so much easier to remember to measure, stack, and strap down your sectional sofa as you move it around in your pickup truck. And of course, don’t forget to wrap everything in blankets to keep it safe, secure, and damage-free in the moving process.

Although sectional sofas can be big and seem intimidating to move, it is doable in the back of your standard pickup truck. Good luck!