Best Colors For Toyota Corolla 2023

For several years, the Toyota Corolla has proven to be a reliable and affordable vehicle. The new 2022 Corolla offers a stylish interior and an array of exterior colors for you to choose from. You have a choice of up to eight standard exterior colors to select from. There are eight two-tone combination color choices available.

Specific colors are only available for select models. Color choice will affect the price. The colors that are available for you to select are below.

  • Blue Crush Metallic
  • Blueprint
  • Ruby Flare Pearl
  • White
  • Wind Chill Pearl 
  • Classic Silver Metallic
  • Celestite
  • Black Sand Pearl
  • Cement W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof
  • White W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof
  • Celestite W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof
  • Classic Silver Metallic W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof 
  • Wind Chill Pearl W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof
  • Ruby Flare Pearl W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof 
  • Blueprint W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof
  • Blue Crush Metallic W/ Black Sand Pearl Roof

What Is The Best Color For the 2022 Toyota Corolla?

Some of the popular colors that would be the best for you to select include Celestite, Ruby Flare Pearl, and Cement With Black Sand Pearl Roof. These are not your only color choices for your Toyota Corolla. I will discuss other options that make for a great color choice.

Toyota Corolla Color Availability

Trim Levels & Color Availability

The trim can significantly affect the overall look of your vehicle. When designing your 2022 Corolla, understand the best color for Toyota Corolla needs to be complemented by a trim level.

The Toyota Corolla L model has four colors you can choose from. These four exterior colors include White, Celestite, Classic Silver Medal, and Black Sand Pearl.

Light Gray Fabric is your only choice for the interior. If you have your eyes set on the other models, I will discuss further color choices for those models below.

Toyota Corolla LE Model Color Choices

If you decide to go with this model, you will have seven color choices to select from.

These seven exterior colors include Wind Chill Pearl, Ruby Flare Pearl, White, Blueprint, Classic Silver Metalic, Black Sand Pearl, and Celestite.

Your interior color choices include Macadamia/Mocha Fabric, Black, and Light Gray/Moonstone Fabric.

Color Options For The XLE Model

Perhaps, the Toyota Corolla XLE model is the one you are most interested in. Your exterior options include seven color choices.

These seven colors available for you are Black Sand Pearl, White, Blueprint, Ruby Flare Pearl, Celestite, Classic Silver Metalic, and Wind Chill Pearl. Your interior color choices include Black Softex and Macadamia/Mocha Softex.

Color Options For The XSE Model

This model offers the most available options for color choices. You will have great colors to select from. A total of thirteen colors are available for this model.

Ruby Flare Pearl, Cement With Black Sand Pearl Roof, and Ruby Flare Pearl With Black Sand Pearl Roof are going to be your best options if you decide to go with this Toyota Corolla Model.

The XSE Apex model is the most costly model for Corolla. This model has some additional color choices for you to select from.

Cement With Black Sand Pearl Roof, Black Sand Pearl, and White With Black Sand Pearl Roof are your options for the XSE Apex model.

So, What color should I get for Toyota Corolla?

With so many color choices, you may be overwhelmed. In my opinion, most of these colors are great options for whichever model you decide to go with.

In my opinion, my top three color choices for the 2023 Toyota Corolla will be Cement With Black Sand Pearl, Ruby Flare Pearl, and Celestite.

Toyota Corolla on Cement with BLack Sand Roof
Toyota Corolla on Cement with Black Sand Roof

Cement With Black Sand Pearl Roof is a combination color. It is a mix of cement colors with black accents. This color combo makes the Corolla appear very sleek and stylish. You can only get this color combo with the Apex Edition.

Ruby Flare Pearl is available in more models. That is why I think this should be your top color choice. You will have to pay an additional cost if you go with the red color.

Lastly, I think Celestite is a classic color. It is gray. I think this color is classy and elegant. And the good news is this color available all across Toyota corolla (except the Apex and Nightshade Edition).


You can get a Celestite Type L Corolla with an additional 18-inch Apex Wheel for $20,320. You won’t regret it.

Toyota Corolla on Celestite Gray Color
Toyota Corolla on Celestite

My Final Word

With so many color choices, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Honestly, there is no wrong choice. Select the best color for your Toyota Corolla based on what you like the best and what works for your budget.