7 Best Acura TSX MODS (Aesthetically & Performance )

Acura TSX is a great car with no doubt or contradiction, but this hasn’t stopped owners from undertaking modifications to make it look even better. The reason for modification varies from one person to another, deepening with their teste and preferences.

Some people modify them to increase car performance, while others modify the car for luxury purposes, making it more attractive and modernized. All these reasons are valid.

Below are the seven best Acura TSX mods, and all of them are relatively easy to do, even for beginners.

Aftermarket Wheels

Acura TSX Mods with New Aftermarket Wheels
by wheelwell.com-AveryHorn

Acura is a very modernized car with various wheel and tire types that vary with the owner’s skills. Also, the effect of the wheel is another reason why Acura owners opt for an upgrade.

The stock wheel for Acura is excellent, but if you need enhanced performance, you will need to upgrade. Also, you may need to upgrade your wheels, especially if you have changed the suspension.

You will need to find the wheels to get the best out of the new suspension. Several companies sell such wheels, which makes determining the right wheel difficult. However, you can avoid this problem by buying the wheels from a well-reputed company.

Caliper Cover

Acura being a sports car, you will need a robust braking system. Also, you will need top-quality braking system components to get the best out of your Acura TSX fully.

Caliper covers are equally important as the braking system. I am sure you wouldn’t want an excellent car with old or fake covers.

The caliper covers are responsible for limiting the heat dissipation that might result from wearing and reduced performance. Always ensure you buy caliper covers that will enhance the brake performance.

HID Light

Acura TSX With HID Headlight

HID lights are a crucial part of Acura car, especially if you plan to travel outside town where you will not find security rights everywhere. When you are far from town, and it is night, you will realize how important light is.

With the upgraded HID LED light, you are likely to increase your visibility by approximately three times compared to halogen bulbs.

By upgrading to this HID light, you have enhanced your driving safety and increased visibility in low visibility conditions.

Cool Air Intake

Cool Air Intake

Acura TSX is a very powerful vehicle, but sometimes you might feel it is low on power and need a little boost to reach the kind of level you want.

Several factors can cause this, but your Acura needs cool air intake if the car is in its pristine condition. The replacement from the stock to the customized one ensures you enjoy the entire excitement of your driving experience.

Cool air intake allows the car to optimize sound and power. This tool is designed to ensure your vehicle gets the coolest air while enjoying your driving experience.


Coilover is very important because it assists you in making the right decision, especially when it comes to such matters. With this option, you can set up the heights and damping, which will help lower the center of gravity.

With Coilover, you can choose the cost depending on your skills level. The Coilover allows you to adjust your ride. If you upgrade this Coilover, you are assured of making your ride stiffer while enjoying the smoothness and comfort.


Exhaust is a small but instrumental part of your car. Sometimes you might be passed by a vehicle making a lot of noise resulting from the modification, or the owner opted to remove the exhaust.

The exhaust system comprises several parts, one of them being the exhaust muffler responsible for the vehicles’ sounds. When modifying the exhaust, avoid over restricting it because it will choke the engine or hinder the smooth function ability of the engine.

So ensure you use an exhaust muffler that is appropriate for you. For example, if you are a person who doesn’t like sound, you should go for absorptive exhaust.

Hondata Flashpro

Hondata Flashpro for Acura TSX

Acura being a sporty car, you expect it to be perfect in handling. However, this hasn’t stopped owners from going the extra mile to improve the turning solution.

The Hondata FlashPro is the real deal for more advanced turning and on top, setting it up is very easy. This tool allows one program and makes changes to the car. So if you want to have great turning and ECU/PCM programming, the Hondata is what you need.

Final Word

Those were some easy modifications that you can do to your Acura TSX. So, what’s the best modification I can make to the TSX?

Replacing the wheels is my favorite. It’s straightforward, a little costly to get new Wheels, but worth it.

Replacing stock wheels with aftermarket wheels is easy, but the impact is tremendous. You’ll notice a significant difference in the appearance of your vehicle as a result of this modification. It’s a lot of joy to look at the new wheels mounted on my car.

There are many modifications you can do to enhance the functioning of your Acura TSX. What I have discussed are just a few examples among the major mods. Also, consider your budget before commencing the real work.

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