Are Niche Wheels Good? (Explained)

If you need luxury alloy wheels, Niche wheels are what you need. Niche has sold various models of alloy wheels. Niche wheel designs can meet all needs, from SUVs to sports cars.

So, are Niche wheels good? Find out through this article.

Niche Wheels History

What makes Niche wheels interesting is that they look luxurious at a very low price.

Before discussing the quality of Niche wheels, we will discuss the history of Niche first. Niche was first on the market in 1992, MHT, as one of the giant industries involved in wheels, was founded Niche.

Now, MHT is one part of Wheel Pros. Niche’s base is in California, Niche has been producing high-quality wheels for up to 3 decades.

This brand is interesting because its focus is not just on a specific segment like many other companies.

Niche produces various types of wheels that vary in style. Niche does this so that it can cater to all needs, from luxury sedans, off-roaders, SUVs, and sports cars.

Niche specializes in making stylish wheels that look good but don’t break the bank. Because of this, Niche is gaining popularity, especially among car enthusiasts.

Even so, Niche makes alloy wheels for necessity, and they do not focus on racing wheels.

Everything You Need to Know About Niche Wheels

Niche Wheels 20 Inch

Brand Niche offers a large selection of quality wheels. You can find cast monobloc, forged monobloc, 3-piece, and 2-piece.


There is a wide selection of cast wheel products that Niche provides. While it is not specified where and how the cast wheels are made, MHT’s cast wheel production is based in China. So most likely, it is the same for Niche products.

As you may know, cast wheels tend to be the weakest and heaviest wheels, but they are cheap. That’s why so many people produce cast wheels. When it comes to the cast wheel version of Niche, it is the heavier category of wheels.


There are many variations to choose from in the forged wheel category. You can choose almost any configuration, from a 3-piece modular to a monoblock. Niche produces high-quality forged wheels in California at their facility. High-grade aerospace grade aluminium is used for Niche forged wheels.

American wheel companies usually source forged blanks from not just one but several suppliers. They then mill and assemble them themselves. Niche also seems to have this kind of process base.

Niche also provides a wide range of forged alloy wheel customization options, including 36 different monoblock forgings. There are also various multi-piece alloy wheel configurations.


Another thing that makes Niche Wheels interesting is that they offer various finishes for their products. Including the cast wheels, the finishes are very well applied in their specialized facility for the painting process.

You can order Niche wheels with quality finishes and exactly what you envision.


Niche wheels workmanship and limited materials warranty is 1 year. Plated and chrome finishes warranty is 1 year. While the PVD coating warranty is up to 2 years.

Some of the Niche Wheels Collection

You can choose from a wide range of alloy wheels, from Niche wheels to 3-piece forges to cast monoblocks. For more details, here are some of the product options that Niche offers:


One of the Niche wheels product categories is cast wheels. There are various diameter options for these Niche wheels. You can choose between 17-24″; there is also a wide variety of finishes, widths, and offsets for Niche cast wheels.


– 2 Piece

Niche provides 2-piece forged variations with various configurations, including hidden or exposed hardware, undercut spoke lightening, lightning pockets, and more. The centre section of these Niche wheels is milled. The rims are spun and custom-made so that they can meet your specification needs.

– 3 Piece

3 piece is another variation; the configuration options for this category are almost limitless. You can find convex and standard faces, deep concave and concave faces, elevated spokes, and more. All of these are available in a wide range of sizes.

This Niche wheels category is also tailor-made to meet your needs.

– Monoblock

For forged monoblocks, Niche provides a wide variety of sizes as well, from 19-26″. You can find 36 different configurations, including reverse or standard drop centers with various options for concave profiles.

SUV & Truck

You can also find cast wheels from Niche that are designed and made specifically for large vehicles or extra weight. This Niche wheels product can be used for SUVs and trucks.

How is the Quality of Niche Wheels?

Niche Wheel on BMW F10

When it comes to wheel quality, Niche Wheels’ reputation is excellent in this aspect. Being owned by MHT is a distinct advantage, as MHT is a major wheel manufacturer in the world. Every Niche wheel is manufactured to a high standard. It’s usually not a problem for Niche wheels when it comes to wheel construction.

But when it comes to finishing quality, Niche wheels are not the best. You might find some flaking issues after some time, especially on certain parts like the lip of the wheels. So, when it comes to finishing, Niche wheels are not the best.

To be safer using Niche wheels, you can use cleaning products carefully.

Conclusion, Are Niche Wheels Good?

All in all, if you need good-looking show wheels or street wheels, Niche has you covered. You can get cast options at affordable prices. The quality is also good as they are manufactured to a good standard.

You are also offered a variety of finishes and designs so that you can choose Niche wheels products more freely. I don’t think Niche wheels are the best choice for lightweight wheels for racing. Niche wheels’ coating also has its shortcomings.

If some of these factors are not a big deal for you, you can consider Niche wheels.

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