10 Best Ford Taurus MODS (Performance and Cosmetics) 

Ford Taurus is an impressive automobile introduced in the auto market by Ford Motor Company in 1985. It is a large sedan, which attracts the unique American exceptionalism. Taurus is a specious automobile with an impressive interior and many modification attributes.

Every Taurus owner should read this piece where I highlight the best accessories to keep the large sedan styling. This article has detailed the top 10 best MODs for Ford Taurus. You will get a completely fresh road presence.

Bigger wheels

Modded Ford Taurus Pictures
Modded Ford Taurus by ecoboostperformanceforum.com/StealBlueSho

Sticking to the OEM wheels on Ford Taurus may not be fancy at all. A wheel upgrade to fit your convenience is the recent trend. The wheel size is more beneficial in the winter season. It gives you a bigger grip on harsh weather conditions. My most adorable benefit is the tremendous impact it has on the appearance of my vehicle.

Other than the appearance enhancement, any auto repair will tell you that bigger wheels provide better braking. The upgraded patch and grip on the road increase traction and will thus provide an adequate road performance.

Tinted windows

The first mod I did on my Ford Taurus is tinting windows. I feel like a privacy invasion with clear windows. Car window tint provides a stylish look that enhances your vehicle’s appearance while improving its visibility.

Window tinting is a fast way to reduce cars’ interior temperature. Ford Taurus has great functionalities off the road; tint windows might help preserve your upholster while drinking in a reasonably hot region. Tint windows is a simple DIY task, though visiting professional auto repair is better for a perfect job.

Projector HID Headlight

The ford headlights are an ideal upgrade. They include an ellipsoidal lens that projects a stronger clean beam, thus minimizing the risk of blurred vision on oncoming traffic. HID projector headlights on ford Taurus are more energy-efficient than commonly used halogen lights.

HID headlights could confuse you unless you have done appropriate research. Seek counsel from auto repairs for the best type to invest in your ford. I love these lights’ durability since they do not use filaments as in halogen lights.

Custom Grill

Adding a Ford Taurus custom grill changes your vehicle’s aesthetics and improves its performance. The grill’s most crucial work is cooling the engine. It maintains a free flow of air; otherwise, the engine components would be exposed to small rocks and debris damage.

I always go for a grill that boosts my vehicle’s performance. Choosing the right customers for your ford, Taurus increases passenger safety in cases of collision, not to mention an increased resale value.

Trailer Hitch

Ford Taurus is a bastion of comfort and a splendid drinking experience. A trailer hitch is a necessary get to include more storage space for extra gear, especially when going camping. Whether pulling a small camper or a bike rack addition, Taurus trailer hitches are customized to fit your vehicles perfectly. Trailer Hitch is a simple DIY that could take 30 minutes to one hour.

Cold Air Intake

Cool Air Intake

A cold air intake is a vehicle gadget that brings air into your engine and combustion chamber. The result is colder air with higher oxygen density. My ford Taurus cold air intake resulted in increased horsepower. I feel the engines’ operation has been at optimum capacity since installation. This mod will take over your Taurus restrictive factory air intake system.

Android Head Unit

My first upgrade was replacing the ford Taurus head unit with a Taurus android head unit for a better vehicle entertainment system. The unit enhances the vehicle’s entertainment system. It comes with an integrated system that links your tablet, laptop, or other computer devices. The unit allows access to internet radio and basic computer apps.

Dashcam and backup Camera

Boost your ford Taurus with a Dashcam and backup Camera. Drivers with a Dashcam and backup Camera can back up with extra confidence. This camera is an upgraded device from the Ford Taurus backup camera. The dashcam has a wide-angle and can be positioned in your desired position for the best back view.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

Universal TPMS Pictures

Aftermarket TPMS is a preprogrammed aftermarket sensor with multiple makes and models already preloaded on the sensor. A tire pressure monitoring system, TPMS installation is straightforward. I installed mine at home without any extra hand. Before installation, make sure to have enough sensors for your tires. A Ford Taurus requires four sensors without any preprogram. They synchronize automatically.

Stereo Systems

Stereo Systems are an essential radio upgrade to improve your audio quality. A complete ford Taurus will come with a CD player, an FM tuner, several jack pins, a USB port, an amplifier, and speakers. Your speakers may need a little adjustment depending on your Ford Taurus model. I always advise ford owners to confirm the speaker power handling of the model stereo system matches.

Ford Taurus went through a series of 34-years of near-continuous production. The car is highly reliable, following an excellent performance on several ratings. With the simple mods I have highlighted above, you can improve your cars’ customization. I hope this information will help you get the best out of your ford Taurus potential.