7 Best Small Luxury SUVs in 2024

There is the best small luxury SUVs lineup in the market for the whole family to enjoy. SUV is the kind of car you want to buy for a long-distance trip and a car you would use on a family trip.

This is because SUVs offer convenience and comfortable seats for the whole family. Additionally, SUVs have more space and are not cramped for a long journey. 

Another reason for SUVs’ sudden popularity is the stylish and sporty exterior that piqued people’s interest. Some SUVs are ideal for off-road trips and towing, making exploring much more accessible than using your typical family car. 

Small SUVs could slip on narrow roads and explore the unexplored, that’s if you’re a backpacker. Backpacker admits that using an SUV makes exploring easier since some SUVs are ideal for off-road trips.

Below is the list of our best small luxury SUVs you might want to take a look at:


BMW X3 Pictures

The BMW X3 sits on top of the best small luxury SUV, with futuristic and techy usage. This car provides roomy space for the whole family to sit and relax.

The exterior is rugged, showing a sporty, tough look. It has an intelligent xDrive, BMW TwinPower Turbo with six cylinders, heightened aerodynamics, and a semi-autonomous drive. 

The acceleration speed can be up to 9.1s. Thanks to its lightweight and refined performance, the BMW X3 is luxurious and exhilarating to use.

Additionally, BMW X3 has an Active Air Stream kidney grille, Drive Performance Control, Air Curtain, and EfficientDynamics for top-quality driving. 

New BMW X3 pros include an easy-to-use infotainment system, powerful engines for a long trip, and ample spaces for both luggage and passengers. However, not all cars are perfect, and therefore there are some cons. The cons are pricey prices and less stylish interiors than some other competitors. 

Lexus NX

New Lexus NX SUV Redesign & Improvement

The New Lexus NX is a luxurious small SUV that provides comfortable seating and interiors to relax. The sporty looks from 2019 look the same but more than meets the eyes. Additionally, Android Auto adjoins Apple CarPlay Integration for the new version. 

NX’s infotainment system heightened their techs, featuring standard driver assistance features and a standard powered steering adjustable column.

Standard driver assistance helps drivers recognize road signs and helps drivers identify and stay in the lane. Another new feature in the Lexus NX is an Active Cornering Assist. 

The hybrid powertrain heightened fuel consumption to less. It is a beneficial improvement for long-term trips. However, the Lexus NX lacks interior and exterior designs from the newer models, such as the fiery Volvo XC40, the modern Audi Q3, and the chic Cadillac XT4.

Audi Q5

The next in the lineup for the best small luxury SUVs is none other than New Audi Q5.

What’s impressive about the Audi Q5 is the stylish exterior and interior designs, immediately captivating the mass heart with its modern and luxurious look. The New Audi Q5 offers the best engaging performance and is the most balanced SUV vehicle. 

This car has a top-quality performance V6 twin-turbo and turbo four-base engine.

The Audi Q5 can handle sharp corners and rough areas and still give a comfortable experience to the passengers inside. The luxurious interiors will surely captivate the passengers to get in and relax.

Unfortunately, there’s ample space for passengers to fit in with limited cargo space below the small SUV class. It also has Audi connect features that allow the driver to make an SOS call or road assistance.

The New Audi Q5 pros are spacious, luxurious interior for the passengers, engaging handling, and delivers a smooth driving experience. However, the high price might make people rethink their car choices. Additionally, the limited cargo space created for the New Audi Q5 is not suitable for trips that require shopping. 

Volvo XC60

2021 Volvo XC60 Pictures

The Volvo XC60 fits in the small luxury SUV category. The comfortable and upscale interiors captivate the passengers to enjoy themselves and relax. This car type is suitable for a crossover with passengers enjoying its premium quality interior.

The interior provides the most comfortable seats for long adventure trips and great tech features. It provides plenty of space for your luggage.

Although, in terms of engines, it’s not as thrilling as other rivals that offer an exhilarating and fun driving experience

Mercedes-Benz GLC

This car makes it to the top list for the best small luxury SUV. The new GLC-Class provides an enjoyable driving experience, a comfortable interior, and new technologies to help drivers and passengers along the road. 

Overall, Mercedes is a great SUV and is available in two different body styles. One of them is a Mercedes coupe version with a steeply pitched roofline.

The other one is a regular SUV, providing the same quality and comfort to the passengers. The posh and comfortable interior is good. Additionally, GLC models offer safe and smooth driving with the newest technology installed to help. 

However, the coupe version has a turbo lag for the gas and limited rear-seat headroom. 

Acura RDX

The Acura RDX makes it into the middle of our best small luxury SUVs list. Acura RDX boasts its comfortable seatings and spacious interior for many passengers.

This small SUV is good for crossover. It has standard lengthy devices and technologies to help passengers and drivers.

Although compared to Acura’s other rivals, its engines might lag. Additionally, the reviewers mentioned that it takes some time to master the infotainment system. 

Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan appeals to the audience’s heart with its usefulness, unique technologies, and robust engines. This car has two available engines: a standard 284-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and an optional choice 348-horsepower turbocharged V6 for the Macan S version. 

The Macan stands out because of the engines that support an exhilarating driving experience. The price is high. Therefore some might rethink whether to buy this car or not. Another thing to look at is the Porsche Macan interior.

Unfortunately, the less space inside makes the New Porsche Macan unsuitable for many passengers to fit in. Therefore, making the interior more diminutive SUV than other SUV cars.

Final Words

Which one of these seven best small luxury SUVs are you interested in? Every car has pros and cons. Additionally, pricing also matters in terms of long-term operation. Choose wisely so that it fits your budget instead of overspending your money.