10 Best KIA Optima Mods Ideas (Performance and Styling)

The Kia Optima, being the car it is, has a lot of potential for aftermarket parts. Opening to state how/why you are writing this piece.

Below is a list of some best Kia K5 (aka Optima) mods known to work well together to get the most out of your car. It is important to note that there are hundreds if not thousands of different options available when it comes to Something like “Because the Kia Optima which has a huge market, because it’s a great car, because there’s a lot of potentials, etc.”

Aftermarket Wheels & Tyres

Many people have a hard time finding an affordable car that fits their style and offers many options.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about this when upgrading your Kia Optima! With a large variety of wheels available for a great price, you can get anything from small to giant rims with many choices in between. And for tires, there is no limit on the options available.

White Kia Optima K5 With 20 Inch Aftermarket Wheels
White Kia Optima K5 With 20 Inch Aftermarket Wheels by k5owners.com/DriveBright

Cold Air Intake

If you want to get all that power out of your engine but don’t have the money to put it into a new machine, a cold air intake is probably one of your best bets! It’s a relatively inexpensive way to get that more horsepower you look for.

Cold Air Intake works by bringing cold air into the combustion process, allowing the engine to burn fuel more efficiently and producing more horsepower.

Cool Air Intake

Cold Air intake for the Kia Optima is relatively pricey, costing roughly $600. However, it is a good investment.

Tinted Window

For all those Kia Optima owners out there who like their car looking sleek and sexy but find themselves forgetting to put sunscreen on before they get in the car; tinting your windows is a great way to keep yourself from getting an awful sunburn and leaving your vehicle with that classy look without breaking the bank.

Kia K5 Optima with Tinted Windows
Kia K5 Optima with Tinted Windows by k5owners.com/myk_es

But first, there are a few things you should double-check. While window tint has many advantages, one disadvantage is that it might reduce driver visibility if the tint is too dark.

Every state has window tint laws that govern how much tinting is permitted on each of your vehicle’s windows. These state laws allow drivers to wear window tints while keeping everyone safe.

Strut Bar

A strut bar is one of the best parts to upgrade on your Kia Optima because it helps with steering response, which helps with handling and control of your car. This part can be bought at most automotive stores or online and only costs a few hundred dollars in most cases.


Another significant part to help control your car is coilovers; they give you the ability to lift your Kia Optima and slam it for that aggressive look that many people love! With many different heights available and specific looks for each, this is an excellent addition to any Kia Optima.

New Head Unit

A new head unit is a great way to update your radio and have a modern look in your car, plus it plays music from your phone or other devices so you can entertain yourself on the long drive! Not only does this make for good entertainment, but you can now have a GPS navigation system, so you never get lost again!

HID Headlight

You’ve probably seen those cars with the cool blue or purple lights around their headlights, and maybe you even though they were just polished, but it turns out they’re just hiding headlights! This is a great way to give your Kia Optima lights a look it deserves at a relatively low cost.

Exhaust Tip/finisher

A new exhaust tip can make your car look like you spent thousands of dollars on modifications, but it only costs maybe $200 depending on where you buy it and what style you want! It’s an easy way to upgrade the exterior of your Kia Optima.

Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover

Kia K5 Optima Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers Caps

Finally, one of the best parts to upgrade on your Kia Optima is the carbon fiber mirror cover, which can be bought at any automotive store and makes a visible difference in the look of your car without spending thousands of dollars! Plus, many people like how it matches with the carbon fiber that is also an option on the Kia Optima.

Stereo System

Lastly, a new stereo system is one of the most fun parts to upgrade on your Kia Optima! With many options available for you to choose from, there’s no limit on what can be done with a sound stereo system in your car.


These mods are known to work well together to get the most out of your car. It is important to note that there are hundreds of different options available for modifying your Optima, so please don’t take this as the ultimate guide.

Instead, please consider it as a starting point and let us know if you think we’ve missed anything or if we can improve the list in any way! Make sure to check out our other Optima lists as well as our K5 How-To Guides for more helpful information, such as how to clap your Optima.