2023 Toyota 4Runner (6th gen): Everything We Know So Far

The current fifth-generation Toyota 4runner has basically been out since 2009, so it’s in dire need of an update, and Toyota is going to acquiesce to our requests in late 2022 as the 2023 model year. So here’s what we know about the next 6th gen Toyota 4runner.

Toyota 4Runner Pictures
Toyota 4Runner by Hoe_runner in 4runner.com


The car shall be based on the Toyota Company’s new TNGA platform. On account of this platform, the car shall assume a genuine body-on-frame layout as a legendary new modular architecture. Also to accompany these exceptional designs shall be the novel and unique features.

These include great weight savings, better driving characteristics, an elevated level of utmost comfort, and great off and on-road aids. Its users shall have the leeway to shuffle back and forth the 4×4 and the RWD layouts. Its overall driving experiences are generally expected to be better and more fulfilling.


Its interior is to possesses an aesthetic dashboard that shall be elegant and breathtaking to the eyes. Thus, the dashboard enhances the décor of your motor vehicle’s interior over and above, discharging the bare minimum functionalities. It is also set to have a robust infotainment system that is to be truly immersive.

Most of its surfaces are expected to be made of hard plastic resilient to the common agents of damage. All of its electronics and interior pieces of equipment are to possess great technical makeup. It is to have three rows of seats with a combined occupancy of about eight occupants.


Its exterior is also expected to undergo some alterations and upgrades. It shall be redesigned to assume a rugged appearance that is consistent with the wild outdoor areas. Of course, this shall blend well with the rough and treacherous terrains that the vehicle is on the whole designed to ply.

The appearance of the exterior itself is also to achieve a facelift. This shall it appropriately styled to make it exceptional breathtaking, and appealing to the eyes. There are rumors that it shall borrow most of its traits and characteristics from the crossover lineups like RAV4 and the Highlander.

Nothing much shall change with regards to its dimensions. Thus, the new model is to measure 190 inches long, with its wheelbase measuring 110 inches. These two are exceedingly great for the proper off-road performances. That is given the kind of exceptional stability they guarantee along the way.

New Engine with turbo, No More 4-Liter NA Engine

The big bummer here is that gone is the 4 liters naturally aspirated v6, no more NA engines, no more V6. The base engine is going to be a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

You may think about the new machine that is less reliable.

Yes, that’s true, but I’m going to give Toyota Lexus the benefit of the doubt because they’ve put this application in other vehicles. I think reasonably, and we can expect it to be a pretty complete and cohesive package and fit into the 4runner pretty seamlessly.

Now the nice thing is the existing 4 liter V6 with its 5-speed transmission makes about 270 horsepower.

We can expect the smaller displacement engine with the turbo to gain in horsepower to about 280+ horsepower, and then lb-ft of torque is also upped, and that’s the big thing here. It’s up by a pretty significant margin to 310 ish lb-ft of torque.

Toyota 4Runner Hybrid

We will 100% get a hybrid – if not in the first year, it will eventually.

There’s the hybrid 4 banger from the highlander, but that makes even less power than the outgoing 4runner, but gets 36 mpg.

There’s a Lexus RX hybrid with V6 making over 300 hp with something like 30 mpg.

Most likely, we’ll see the base 2.4T get a hybrid assist bringing power up to something like 320 hp and 390 lb-ft. The fuel economy would increase up to the mid-20s, And towing would improve up toward something like 7500 lbs.

Then, maybe we see something like a 4Runner PRIME PHEV Same 2.4 Turbocharger with 20kWh battery, making 350 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

The Battery can handle up to 30 miles with full EV mode ( battery Only). I’d be super down with this, maybe a bigger battery and some onboard generator stuff.

Fuel Tank Capacity, and Consumption

Like most sporting utility vehicles of its kind, this too shall draw its power from the regular unleaded gas. Its fuel tank shall have a capacity of 23 gallons, which is sufficient for long-haul driving operations. At any given time, its engine shall be able to bear a massive 4 liters of gas.

Regarding its fuel consumption, the automobile consumes 16 miles per gallon in the city and a further 19 miles per gallon on the highway. Therefore, its rates of operations and consumption are expected to be fuel-saving and less inclined to waste money and other operating expenses.

Tare Weight and Towing Capacity

The tare weight of the sporting utility vehicle is anticipated to be about 440 pounds. On the other hand, its engine is anticipated to generate sufficient power to haul a whopping 5,000 pounds of weight. Hence, you may use it to handle some of the common applications you confront in your area.

2023 Toyota 4Runner Price and Release Date

There will be a high probability that the 6th gen 4runner will no longer be produced in Japan. The 2023 Toyota 4Runner will be produced at the San Antonio Plant.

It is expected to cost around $36,500, whereas it is set for an official launch in September 2022. Fans have awaited the 6th gen 4runner. It can be seen from the many forums discussing this off-road-ready SUV. Before it’s officially released, it’s a good idea to look at some alternatives from 4runner that you can use as a guideline when making your final decision.


We have attempted to give you as much insight about the 6th gen 4Runner as can probably be. Have we not? It would help if you now soldiered on with confidence to apply what we have taught you in real life. That can only mean you are making appropriate arrangements to purchase the item as soon as it is officially launched.