Best Toyota Highlander Off-Road Mods You Should Get (2024)

Sometimes purchasing a good car in and of itself is never enough. You have to modify it a little bit to make it appropriately suited for your unique use circumstances. If you have and intend to modify the Toyota Highlander, we are glad to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place.

This is a car that is largely intended for off-road conditions. As such, it has to be fitted with strong and enduring parts that can take on such conditions.

We want to help you to do this task well. That is why we have crafted this article to highlight those areas and parts that may be upgraded, how, and why.

6 Toyota Highlander Off-Road Mods

Below now are the best Toyota Highlander off-road mods you should badly get:

Lift kit

As its name implies, the lift kit is used to raise the car off the ground. Hence, it enables you to behold the bottom car easily and carry out the repairs effectively. The chances are that your sporting utility vehicle lacks this kit its makeup.

Toyota Higlander Lift Kit - Pic By JoeIR

It is, therefore, in your best interest to fix one for yourself. A suspension lift kit raises the height of the ride on the vehicle. In this regard, it boosts the off-road performance of the car considerably. Also, it raises the car’s clearance to enable it to travel on areas that are stony and muddy with ease.

Grill Guard

A Toyota Highlander grill guard serves to add some protection to your vehicle. It protects the front of your truck by reinforcing the support and strength the area requires to stay ahead about safety matters. This extra protection comes in handy in moments of accidents and emergencies.

Tubular steel is the best material for making the grill guard. The material is heavy-duty and won’t suffer premature damages faster, as is the norm with alternative materials. Moreover, the grille guards may also fit the headlights, which aid with proper nighttime illumination.


As stated above, the Toyota Highlander is largely meant for off-road conditions. You must also optimize every part and aspect of it for off-road conditions. One such critical part is the tire. The tires must be wide and flat to anchor the vehicle firmly for maximum stability when moving about.

You can get A/T tires. These tires are developed for on- and off-road duty, with traction and comfort in wet, dry, and lightly snowy conditions. They’re a cross between highway and mud tires, with a smooth road ride and dependable traction on the rocks!

Get 31″ AT tires for your highlander, and see how handsome he is now.

What are the biggest tires you can put on Highlander?

You can go up to 245/65r18 safely without rubbing. If you have the plan to lift your highlander, it can handle up to 265/65/r18 with a 2″ ready lift SST lift kit.

Big Tire on Higlander - Pic By Offroadhighlander19
255/70/r17 with 2″ lift kit

Race Seats and Harnesses

While modifying your Toyota Highlander, you should never forget about the seats and the harnesses. On the seats, you sit while driving while the harnesses fasten you to prevent injuries that may arise from accidents. You have to equip your seats with the latest features and configurations.

The seats should be slightly elevated and not so bent backward. As for the harness, you should strengthen it to anchor you firmly on the seat and minimize the likelihood of you falling apart whenever there is a sudden halting or pothole. It should also be padded to add some comfort for you.

Braking Mechanisms

Off-road conditions are generally quite treacherous. One sure way of prepping for them is to fit in some excellent braking mechanisms. The mechanisms must comprise stainless steel brake lines that add some strength to the brakes to be more responsive and more likely to come to a halt faster.

Then again, you have to upgrade the parts to make them modern and the latest. This requires you to seek the latest manufacturers’ latest parts and fit them in your vehicle’s present braking system. Do not forget about the hydraulics and the fluids that transmit the pressure from the brake pads to the wheels.

Roof Rack

While this one item may not directly impact off-road performance, it will make your life a million times easier.

In my personal experience, when I use off-road vehicles to go camping or fishing, I frequently encounter muddy tents and fishing equipment. It doesn’t feel right if you put it in a clean trunk. It will be more suitable if placed outside the vehicle; so a roof rack is a safe and comfortable choice.

Do I Recommend Modifying Highlander for Off-road?

Yes, of course, you can modify your Toyota Highlander to be like an off-road vehicle. But, keep in your main that the Highlander wasn’t designed for off-roading, which means we can’t go crazy at off-road modifications.

You can get a lift kit or even big 31″ A/T tires for your Highlander, but it is impossible to do for heavy tasks such as climbing a rock with a winch. It can damage the structure of your car body, Toyota 4Runner and Land Cruiser is perfect for that kind of task.

In addition, there are pros and cons in modifying the Hoglander to be an off-road vehicle.


Here now are the pros of the modification process:

  • Improves the performance and the aesthetics of the vehicle
  • Bolsters the braking and the handling of the vehicle
  • Lengthens the lifespan of the vehicle
  • Shores up the resale value of the vehicle
  • Makes the vehicle better placed to handle accidents and emergencies


  • Makes the car heavier and subsequently less fuel-efficient


The modifications above are not all that may be necessary for you. We inevitably had to leave out tons of others due to the space and the time constraints. What does that mean? You should carry on from where we have left if you find the list above unsatisfactory.