11 SUV With the Worst Resale Value | Most Depreciate Vehicles in 2024

When people buy a car, not many realize that the value will depreciate by about 20% up to 30% for its first year. Thus, you should think twice if planning to make a long-term loan. It is a big issue. You might think it is worth having a vehicle, but you are losing value simultaneously.

Today, the demand for SUVs has increased, making the company produce more and more. Meanwhile, some of them are the worst resale value SUVs in the future.

The depreciation of up to 30% happens after 12 months of owning. After that, the downward is still counting. It will continue at about 10% until the next four years. By the end of the fifth year, you’re losing the possibility of sales of about 40% from the original you paid before. Indeed, it seems like a joke for you who just found this out. However, it is a fact you have to accept that every car loses its value over time.

Some researches show that trucks and Jeeps are at the top of vehicle depreciation. Simultaneously, sedans and electric have the same period (5 years) but moderate value. As a popular vehicle, the SUV is also counted as a car with depreciation. But, surprisingly, this model can retain value. Among the brands, here are the worst resale value SUV you better know:

Lincoln MKT – 66%

Lincoln MKT is on the first number for the worst resale value SUV. It is because of the significant depreciation, about 66% in five years.

The new owner bought this car for a price of $56,000 – $57,000. But after the ownership, several dealers said it is worth $19,000 – $19,500, and you are losing about $37,000. This number is a simulation for the new version 4; it resale in 2019.

Actually, Lincoln MKT is quite attractive and relatively good for value. Some people consider it bad for resale due to the current price, maintenance cost, and predictable expenses in remaining time ownership.

Lincoln Navigator L – 63%

If you have a Lincoln Navigator L right now and it has already been owned for five years, then you should be humble for the resale value. You will lose 63% of its first value. You only get 37% in return. Many people assume that it is caused by the all-new model that took over the previous generation. Thus, it impacts the depreciation.

For example, when the car was new, the price was $93,976. In the next 5 years, it is the only value of about $37,000. For the next 10 years, it might be at $15,000. Even though you maintained the car very well, you can’t avoid the market’s decreasing curve.

BMW X3 – 64%

Surprisingly, BMW X3 has become one of the worst resale value SUV cars. Since it was first launched, it has hit many critics. But, still, it didn’t lose value. Over five years, the owner will take the remaining 36% of the original price. The depreciation rate is 64%. Compared to the other SUV cars, BMW X3 lost about double its value over this time.

BMW X3 Pictures

The other record said that the depreciation slows down. It shows only 58% over five years. This number is lower than mentioned before. However, when you keep the BMW in good condition and the miles are average, you will perhaps get lucky for a higher resale value.

GMC Yukon XL – 61,3%

For the first time, you must be falling in love with GMC Yukon XL. Indeed, the car shows you what a luxury style is. Unluckily, that doesn’t matter when you try to sell in the future.

The depreciation over five years is 61,3%. That is why it is worth only $26,000 from the average new price of $67,000. We can say you are lucky when finding someone who wants to buy for $43,000.

The main reason its price goes down is the mileage. GMC Yukon XL is a family vehicle and convenient enough to take you off-road. Thus, the high mileage brings the price down. Probably you still find people who take a price 51% lower. We can assume that GMC Yukon XL depreciation exists in the range of 50% up to 61%.

Infiniti QX60 – 64,7%

Some people take this as a regular thing when Infiniti is the worst resale value SUV. It starts with the name, which confuses the market.

The QX60 model is the coupe version of the QX50. But the QX60 is larger with its three-row. So, the value goes down to 64,7% over five years. In the first three years, you only lose about 40%. But the resale value after five years is $29,786. That is an assumption when the new price was about $57,000 – $60,000.

Infiniti QX60 Price Depreciation

There are many speculations for Infiniti QX60 depreciation. The optimist group said the value is only a 57% decrease. This calculation might be a fresh breeze for the owner. That is true; at least you still get back a half in return from the original price.

BMW X6 – 63,8%

It is not different when you own BMW X6 and BMW X5. The depreciation value for BMW X6 is 63,8%. That’s just 0,2% in difference with BMW X5. The other calculation said BMW X6 has a better deal because it goes down by 55% after five years. Whatever number you believe, one thing is for sure the BMW X6 is included as a worst resale value SUV.

Let’s assume that you buy this car for the new version for $66,600. So, in the next five years, you will get back approximately $35,000. This depreciation makes some people consider owning BMW cars for self-use. Not to resell later, even though they might buy the other new car.

Cadillac Escalade ESV – 60%

People who own Cadillac Escalade ESV probably had a hard decision. This car is a great competitor for Toyota Highlander and Dodge Durango. Unluckily, Cadillac has a higher depreciation value than those two rivals. Two of them show a low depreciation. Cadillac Escalade ESV gets down about 60% in value.

The range of depreciation is 53% – 60%. As a prediction, when you buy this car for $86,500, the price in the next five years will be about $41,000. It is not that bad. But if you plan to invest, you better think twice about this car.

Audi Q7 – 51%

AFTER FIVE YEARS, Audi Q7 will depreciate by about 51% – 64%. This percentage is significant, so we put an Audi Q7 in the worst resale value SUVs list. The original price is $68,669 on average; then, in the next five years, it becomes $24,467. That price is for a car in good condition, mileage in moderate, and still has an extended warranty.

Knowing the number above, perhaps you start to think about whether it is worth it or not. We understand why you put your heart into this car because it is gorgeous. Within the exterior, features, and interior design, you might have loved it at first sight. But relax, think twice for the long term if you plan to resell your vehicle.

BMW X1 – 63%

Like the two previous BMWs, this car also has a depreciation value of 63% after five years. Seeing its rival, Toyota RAV4, BMW X1 is worse. In fact, within the same period, Toyota RAV4 is only decreasing by 43% in value. Yes, you might be surprised here. Now you can see which one is the real luxury model until the end of the deal.

The confident ones believe that the depreciation value won’t be 50%. They predict 30% in the first three years, which will be less than half of the original price for the next two years. However, the calculation might be different for a particular condition. When you keep the mileage, and a short time of ownership, the reselling price can be increased.

Infiniti QX80 – 62%

After five years, the Infiniti QX80 value will be decreased by about 62% – 64%. While for ten years, the remaining value is only 15% – 20%. The price for brand new ranges from $66,750 up to $91,450 for the Limited trim. The reason why it reduces so much is unique. Many people think that it is due to a high starting price. Thus, it gets down significantly when it hits the secondary marketplace.

Even though this car is the worst resale value SUV, you will feel comfortable taking your family for a trip. The room inside is very spacious. This car is worthy of family use, no matter the bottom rank on luxury SUVs.

Buick Enclave – 40%

Buick Enclave has a unique depreciation scheme. The value is retained in the first three years, taking 30% – 40% for depreciation. But when it comes to its five years, you will lose up to 50% in value. For a simulation, your first price was $47,936, and then it becomes $19,102 when you try to offer after five years of ownership.

There are some complaints about this car. The top issue is the transmission problem. The vehicle begins to shake or clunk when the speed increases or the driver switches the gear. Even though that is not the main reason the depreciation value is huge enough, Buick Enclave is considered one of SUV cars’ worst resale values.

Final Word

It is natural when you won’t lose money in the future. That is why we share the list of worst resale value SUVs above. Either way, there are several tips to keep your car’s value.

First, don’t miss the regularly scheduled Maintenance. It saves the best performance for your vehicle.

Then, keep the interior clean and the functionality of each feature. Some owners add more features to increase their bargain. Those three steps are essential to avoid a huge depreciation.