Best Tesla Model X Color (2024 Model Year)

As you may already know, Tesla has limited choices regarding color. You only get to choose between five colors for the entire Tesla vehicle line. This includes the Model X, which is a modern crossover SUV.

Currently, Tesla Model X is available in the following five colors:

  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Solid Black
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Deep Blue Metallic
  • Red Multi-Coat

Here, I will take you through the five Model X color options, their advantages, and disadvantages and their respective prices. I will also enlighten you on which one is best. So keep reading.

Which is the best color for Tesla Model X?

Red, silver, and blue versions are the three bestselling color variants Tesla Model X has ever had. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Black and White variants are less suitable. All the five Tesla Model X color options come with their respective upper hands and downsides. I shall explore more on their advantages and disadvantages later in this article.

Color options and their respective prices

White is the standard color for Model X. the silver, blue, and black color variants sell at $1,500, whereas the red variant is the most expensive, trading at $2,500.

The Tesla model often determines the color price, but the pattern does not change with white as the standard and red as the most expensive of them all.

Which is the Recommended Tesla Model X Interior Color to get?

When it comes to the vehicles’ interior, Model X offers only three color options. They include;

  • All-Black (standard)
  • Black and white (+$2,000)
  • Cream (+$2,000)
Tessla Model X Interior Color
Black-White Interior Color

When selecting the interior color, please don’t lose your sleep because any of the above three are great-looking on a Model X. Any of them would look good on any of the car’s color variants.

I would only advise you to choose the most suitable one according to your preferences. Also, consider choosing a color that would be easy to clean whenever needed.

Worst to best Tesla Model X color

Most often, most worst-to-best lists are always not objective. They vary depending on the writers’ personal preferences and opinions. So, I expect your choice and selection to differ from mine, which is okay. I have compiled the following list of this vehicle’s colors according to how I see the level of attractiveness.

Solid Black

You can agree with me that most car owners think solid black is a fabulous color due to its stunning look. Although it might be true for other cars, it is probably the worst color you can have on your Tesla Model X. I have seen its drawbacks, so I think it fits the last position.

Tesla Model X Solid Black Color

Besides costing you $1,500 extra cash, this color is famous for attracting dirt. What do I mean? I mean that you might be spending too much money on solid black and later spend too much time and energy cleaning it. Since it is not a multi-coat option, the chances are high that chipping might occur, leaving your car’s metal exposed to external elements.

Midnight Silver Metallic

I find this color better than black. However, it is not any better than the remaining three colors. That’s why it is in the second-last position. I find it challenging to differentiate between the black and silver car at night.

However, it looks better than the black color under artificial light or natural light. The metallic influence and the silver appearance make the car look beautiful and perfect during the day.

Lastly, silver hides dirt better than black.

Deep Blue Metallic

I see this color’s look as professional, sleek, and one that makes a statement. That’s why I love it. It is a fantastic color to have on your Model X. But you will have to part ways with your $1,500 to paint it on your Model X.

Tesla Model X Deep Blue Metallic

The main drawback is that this color is not multi-coat paint and can thus quickly scrap off, exposing your car’s metal underneath the paint. For that reason, I find it less suitable than the white and red variants.

You can enjoy an elegant moment with this color’s look under the correct lighting. However, the color does not stand out, nor is it extraordinary under low lighting conditions.

Red Multi-Coat

Among the five available Model X colors, this is my favorite primarily because of its looks on the vehicle. It also has a good way of highlighting its features. However, it is expensive to paint this color on your Model X. you will need an extra $2,500.

Tesla Model X in Red Pearl Multi-Coat Color

It is worth that expense because this color gels the car’s performance capabilities. Plus, isn’t the red color stunning? Of course, it is. So, if you want elegance and leave everyone staring at your Model X, this is the color for you.

Lastly, this color is unique because it is Tesla’s signature color with only a few Model X cars. With this color, you will stand out from the rest of the car owners.

Pearl White Multi-Coat

Tesla Model X White Pearl Multi-Coat Color

This white color variant is the greatest of them all. I might adore the red color and consider it my favorite, but it cannot overpower the white pearl. It incorporates a superior quality multi-coat painting. It definitely must be the best paint quality that you can have on your Model X. The color manifests these qualities during the day and night.

I consider the pearl-white option better than the red option because it is a standard color and thus free. So, you can save $2,500, unlike the red option. No matter the surrounding lighting, this color looks good and elegant.

So yeah, for these reasons, I recommend the White Pearl multi-coat as the best for the Tesla Model X, just as I did the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. But, if finances are not an issue for you, then I would surely recommend the Red Pearl multi-coat.

Final Words

After performing a self background check, analysis, and comparison between the five colors, you will agree that white pearl and red options are the best. They are worth the investment. You will also see that the black and midnight silver are not close to red and white options.

I hope this list has helped you make your final decision. Remember that as you pick your best color, make your best decision, regardless of the color you choose.