6 Highly Anticipated SUVs Making a Comeback Shortly

We deeply miss certain things in this world and hope for their return. Among them are iconic SUVs that have left a lasting impression.

In this article, we will explore some SUVs that are no longer in production, some of which have been absent from dealerships for over a decade.

Despite their absence, these vehicles still have a dedicated fan base and are eagerly anticipated for a potential comeback.

Let’s delve into the world of these highly anticipated SUVs and discover what made them so special.

Toyota Land Cruiser

New Land Cruiser 2025 Model Year

Toyota Land Cruiser, a legendary SUV that has captured the hearts of adventure enthusiasts for decades, has recently left fans wondering about its future.

In 2021, Toyota announced the discontinuation of the Land Cruiser in the United States after the 2021 model year, surprising many loyal followers. This decision marked the end of a 60-year legacy in Toyota’s lineup.

Despite its discontinuation, the Land Cruiser’s latest iteration, the 2021 model, still impresses with its off-road capabilities, luxurious interior, and advanced safety features.

Powered by a robust V8 engine, it offers a spacious cabin accommodating up to eight passengers. With its rugged yet refined design, the Land Cruiser remains a force to be reckoned with.

While Toyota has not made any official announcements about the Land Cruiser’s revival in the United States, rumors suggest that a new generation of this iconic SUV is in the works. These rumors hint at a potential redesign that would bring the Land Cruiser back stronger than ever.

Adventure enthusiasts and Land Cruiser fans eagerly await any news regarding the future of this beloved SUV. Will it make a comeback? Only time will tell. Until then, the Land Cruiser’s loyal following holds hope that it will once again roam the roads and conquer the off-road trails, continuing its legacy as a symbol of adventure and durability.

Ford Excursion

2021 Ford Excursion Concept

The Ford Excursion, recognized as the biggest SUV ever made, was introduced in 1999. This huge vehicle was designed for large families and individuals needing lots of space for people and stuff. The Ford Excursion quickly became popular among SUV fans due to its size and impressive abilities.

However, it was discontinued in 2005. The main reasons were changing trends in the market and a preference for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Despite this, the Ford Excursion left a mark on the car industry with its potent engine choices, including a V8 turbo diesel engine known for its impressive towing capacity.

There are rumors among Ford fans about a possible comeback. Ford hasn’t officially confirmed anything, but some people think they might bring back the Excursion. If it happens, it’s expected to have a modern look, advanced technologies, and more fuel-efficient engines to match today’s market.

The Ford Excursion, as the largest SUV ever, still fascinates SUV fans. Even though it’s uncertain if it will return to the market, its reputation for being powerful and versatile remains, SUV fans are eagerly waiting for any news about a potential return of the Ford Excursion, hoping to see this legendary vehicle on the roads again.

Nissan Xterra

Off Road Nissan Xterra Mods With Giant Wheels and Front Guard Pictures
Off-Road Nissan Xterra Mods With Giant Wheels and Front Guard by

The Nissan Xterra, a well-liked SUV known for its off-road abilities and rugged design, was first introduced in 1999. It quickly gained a devoted following because it could do many things well and was dependable. However, it was stopped in 2015 because only a few people were buying it, and more folks wanted smaller, fuel-efficient cars.

The Xterra had a strong V6 engine that gave enough power for regular and off-road trips. Its sturdy suspension and four-wheel drive system made it a favorite for people who love outdoor activities.

Even though the Xterra isn’t available in the United States anymore, there are talks about it making a comeback. Nissan hasn’t said anything officially, but some people think a new version of the Xterra might come out soon. People who love SUVs are looking forward to any news about the Xterra coming back.

In 2021, Nissan did bring back the Xterra, but only in the Middle East. The new Xterra looks more modern, with updated technology and better fuel economy. However, we are still determining if or when the Xterra will return to other places.

Even though it’s not around now, the Nissan Xterra still means a lot to SUV fans, especially those who enjoy off-road adventures. Its reputation for being tough, good off-road, and adventurous has stuck around. Whether or not the Xterra comes back, its legacy as a strong and rugged SUV remains strong.



The GMC Envoy XUV was a special vehicle that mixed the features of a pickup truck and an SUV. It first came out in the early 2000s and got attention for its creative design. However, it was stopped because only a few people were buying it, and what people wanted in cars was changing.

Talking about its features, the GMC Envoy XUV had a roomy inside with space for up to five people. It also had a flexible cargo area that could get bigger by folding down the back seats or using the cool Midgate system. This system lets you open the back window and roof, basically turning the SUV into a pickup truck.

Even though not many people liked the GMC Envoy XUV at the time, there’s a chance this cool idea could come back. With better technology now, automakers could make the old model even better by fixing problems and making it more attractive to buyers.

A new version of the GMC Envoy XUV could have better fuel efficiency, updated tech features, and improved handling. This would make it interesting for people who like having an SUV and a pickup truck in one.

We don’t know for sure if the GMC Envoy XUV will come back, but the idea is interesting, and it might catch the attention of car fans again. We’ll have to wait and see if this unique vehicle will hit the roads again and give drivers a special kind of driving experience.

Chevy Blazer K5

Chevrolet Blazer K5

The Chevy Blazer K5 holds a special place in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts. Introduced by General Motors in 1969, it was designed to compete with the Ford Bronco directly. However, over time, the Blazer K5 was discontinued, leaving fans wondering if it will ever make a comeback.

The Chevy Blazer K5 was known for its powerful engine specs, offering a range of options to suit different driving preferences. From V6 to V8 engines, the Blazer K5 provided the performance needed for both on-road and off-road adventures.

Unfortunately, the Blazer K5 was discontinued, leaving fans disappointed. However, with the recent success of the Ford Bronco’s revival as an off-road SUV, there is a glimmer of hope that GM may consider bringing back the Blazer K5.

If the Chevy Blazer K5 were to come back, it would likely undergo significant updates and improvements. With advancements in technology and design, a new version of the Blazer K5 could offer enhanced fuel efficiency, modern tech features, and improved handling.

While there is no official confirmation of the Blazer K5’s return, the possibility remains intriguing for fans of this iconic off-road vehicle. Only time will tell if GM decides to revive the Blazer K5 and allow enthusiasts to experience its legendary performance again.

Dodge Ramcharger

Dodge Ramcharger
Via Motor1.com

Ramtruck has officially said the Ramcharger will return in 2025, but it’ll be an electric pickup truck. Fans are excited about this news, but many also hope for a regular SUV version, like the classic 1993 Ramcharger.

The classic Ramcharger was famous for being powerful and tough. It was built on a pickup truck base, making it unique. Under the hood, it had a 5.9-liter V8 engine, giving it 230 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. With that much power, it was great both on and off the road.

Ramcharger fans hope the Chrysler group will make an SUV version that honors the classic model but includes new features. The 2025 Ramcharger Pickup Truck, with its V6 combustion engine working as a generator and two electric motors, has already shown it can perform well with a combined range of up to 690 miles. People expect an SUV version to have similar abilities and improvements.

Even though we don’t have all the official details about the Ramcharger SUV yet, the idea of it returning has excited fans. If it combines classic design and modern tech, the Dodge Ramcharger could become a highly anticipated SUV.

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