6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Hitch to Your SUV

Having a hitch on a car is excellent, especially for an SUV. It holds all the parts together and allows you to tow, haul or pull other vehicles with your vehicle.

The hitch works by attaching itself to the bumper of your vehicle. This attachment is called a ball mount.

There are many types of hitches available in the market today. They range from cheap to expensive. Some are made for heavy-duty use, while others are designed for light-duty use.

SUV with Trailer Hicth

If you want to buy the best hitch, you should consider buying one that will last for years. Ensure that the hitch you choose has been tested and approved by experts before purchasing it. The following are the benefit of adding a hitch to an SUV:

Trailer Towing

When you tow a trailer behind your car, you can do so safely and efficiently.

When you attach the trailer to your car’s bumper, the trailer becomes attached to the bumper too. This means that the trailer cannot fall off during driving.

Also, when you drive at higher speeds, you don’t have to worry about the trailer falling off because it won’t move away from the bumper.

For instance, if you want to go camping, you can take your tent, sleeping bags, food supplies, and other things you may need. All these items can be stored inside the trailer.

Then you can simply attach the trailer to your vehicle’s bumper. You can even connect the trailer to the back of your SUV.

Cargo Management

SUV owners often find themselves having a lot of stuff that they need to store in their cars. But, due to limited space, they cannot fit everything in their vehicle. This is where a cargo management system comes in handy.

These systems come in various sizes and shapes. They allow you to store larger items like boxes, furniture, etc., in your car. This way, you can save space and still keep your car organized.

Also, you can use them to transport oversized items around your house. For example, you can use it to haul your TV set or refrigerator.

Additional Stability

Hitches provide extra stability to your car. This is especially useful when you are driving over rough terrain. Even though your car might look sturdy enough, hitting bumps and potholes can cause damage to your vehicle.

With a hitch, you can prevent your car from getting damaged. In addition, hitches allow you to tow trailers without worrying about damaging your car.

For instance, if you have a trailer connected to your car, you can drive over small hills without worrying about damaging your trailer. Also, if you plan to travel long distances, you can use a hitch to help you avoid accidents.

Vehicle Towing

Towing vehicles is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. If you plan to go hiking, fishing, camping, or traveling, you will need a hitch.

The best part about using a hitch is that you don’t need to buy new equipment. Instead, all you need is a hitch to start enjoying outdoor activities. This is why you should consider purchasing a hitch for your car. Not only does it give you extra safety and security, but it also allows you to enjoy nature more.

Bike Rack

Bike rack behind the Jimny

A bike rack is another good reason to invest in a hitch.

Many people prefer riding bikes instead of cars. If you are one of those who love biking, you can use the bike rack to store your bicycle.

This way, you don’t have to worry about carrying your bike everywhere. Plus, you can always use your bike rack to store your bike whenever you feel like taking a break.


If you have an SUV, then chances are you already know how much weight can be carried on its bumper. Most SUVs can carry up to 2,000 pounds on their bumper.

However, if you plan to tow something heavier than this amount, you need a super bumper.

A super bumper can hold more weight than any other type of hitch. It also comes with some additional features, such as a winch, making it easier to move large objects. Also, there are two different models when it comes to Super bumpers. One model is the standard super bumper, and the other is the high-performance super bumper. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure that you understand what each model offers before deciding which one to get.

Bottom line

If you own an SUV, you know how important it is to protect your car. A hitch provides you with many benefits. It helps you tow different types of trailers, which allows you to explore the world. In addition, it makes sure that you get additional protection while driving on bumpy roads. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, you should purchase a hitch.