HEMI Tick Explained & How To Fix it! (Easy)

HEMI is an engine made by Chrysler, which is very widely used for cars and trucks with String Performance. But many users report having a ticking sound on their HEMI engine. This article will cover Ticking on HEMI machines starting from the symptoms and how to fix them.

Noise is Bad

A noise determines the bad condition of the lifters, then pay real attention to the noise heard. Driving with bad lifters is difficult and also dangerous. When the lifters are collapsed, the driving capability will be no more than 100 miles. So before going further, it is recommended to drive the vehicle to the service area first.

The damage might expand when the car is still being used for more than 100 miles in bad or collapsed lifters. This might affect the inside section of the lifters, where it can go down to the point of the camshaft then damage the camshaft itself.

So, when the lifters go bad, before affecting the inside section of the filters and then go down to the certain point that touches the camshaft, you should probably fix it. If these things happen before you fix it, the roller on the lifter will press against the camshaft to cause serious damage. If this happens, you need a replacement of the camshaft.

When the camshaft is broken, your car driving capability will decrease, and if you travel far away, you might get stuck on the street. So, this should not be ignored.

Sign of Bad Lifter Problem

The most obvious sign of lifter falling or bad lifter is ticking and tapping noise from the engine. The ticking noise can be heard occasionally, or in the worst case, the sound is continuous. It is easy to notice because it strikes more compared to the regular engine sound.

Is the engine Ticking bad? It would not be good if the owner ignored it and do not want to check and make sure about the lifters. Ignoring the sound will impact big damage to the engine and cost quite expensive cash for the service eventually.

Sign That Hydraulic Lifters are Bad

Hydraulic lifters are vital components of the car engine. If the problems come, here are the most common signs to know that the hydraulic lifters are bad

  • Noise increase

Bad lifters can cause the noise to increase when the engine is on.

  • Blocked oil feed

The noise that continues after the engine warms would signify that blocked oil feed happens. The opening valve is not working completely.

  • Tickling or clicking noise

A sound like ticking or clicking noise is normal when the hydraulic lifters start from a cold engine. But it becomes worst if the sound is still working even already get filled with oil.

What Makes HEMI Tick Appear

Other than bad hydraulic or bad lifters, Ticking can also be heard because of low-quality fuel. The low octane will impact to low lubricate the fuel injector and then lead to a ticking noise. It can be solved by using the high quality of gasoline to increase octane and lubricate the injector properly.

Exhaust valve may also be causing the clicking noise that is heard. The valve problems might be caused by a lack of lubricant or close open the valves properly. A professional mechanic should repair valve problems to find solutions and precise actions.

HEMI 6.4L Engine Pictures

How Much Does It Cost To Repair and Replace Hemi Engine?

How much to fix Hemi tick? This question always appears in the drivers’ minds, and the cost of replacing the engine is around $6,000 to $12,000 for replacing a 5.7 special HEMI engine. But, it will cost cheaper between $3,000 to $4,000 if the engine re-manufactured.

The cost of installation for the HEMI engine will depend on how it is installed. Is it a professional or regular mechanic? Is the HEMI tick covered under warranty? This also depends on the selected installation. Installation in a professional way will be covered under warranty.

How to Prevent The Failure of Lifter in the First Place

Ticking Sound on startup may be caused by a lack of lubricants and broken exhaust manifold bolts. The best thing to prevent those problems is to avoid prolonged idling. It would occur when the roller lifters cannot lubricate properly.

Then, make sure to not leave the engine idling by keeping the AC going or doing anything to warm it up. When the engine is idling, it will increase the speed of reciprocating the engine and increase the amount of oil splash.

Other than that, it might be a good chance to listen to the roar of the big engine caused by using that kind of procedure, and it may help the engine works well and become a great engine until the end of the day.

Become a popular gasoline engine and pretty reliable for the most part make this engine favorited by many car enthusiasts. But the problem is the ticking noise to make unusual hearing during the engine’s working.

That problem in a long time can cause engine damage, and then the owner must pay more attention to the ticking noise sourced from the engine. Learn more about the problems by finding the sign of bad or collapsed lifters and what makes Ticking sounded from the engine.

After knowing the causes of the problem, then start finding the best way to solve it. There are two ways, either with a professional mechanic or by yourself, to fix the problem. There are advantages of choosing between both ways.

The advantages of using professional mechanical are covered under warranty. But, it also costs quite a lot. Otherwise, you can do it without a professional mechanic that can save you some bucks.