Car Color Trends in 2024 (not just black or white!)

In 2024, cars will take a new stand. Colors such as white and black are still popular and are on the road this year getting more colorful.

People are looking for cars outside of the norm, and they are looking to expand the colors that they are purchasing.

Eleven colors are setting trends for 2024. These are the ten most popular car color trends for 2024.


Black Rims Color on White Car Pictures

This is a classic car color and is still the most popular. White was the most popular car color in 2023. It is neutral, and it will still make a car look great.

A white car can be sporty, shiny, and look great. White vehicless account for over one-fourth of allvehicless on the road. If a person wants a white car, they are not alone.

Anthracite Gray

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback in Meteorite Gray Metallic

This is a color that is gaining popularity. It is not too light and not too dark. This will highlight the great features of the car.

This color is better at hiding dirt than other colors, and dirt will not show up as quickly. Gray is easy to care for.

All a person has to do is wash it occasionally, and the car should look good. About a fifth of allvehicless on the road in 2024 was gray.

Matte Black

Black Chevrolet Camaro

This may be another classic car color, but it is sleek and styling like gray ar. Around a fifth of all cars on the road a bareback.

People like black for its sleek look. They also like that this color is able to hide the dirt on the car better than other colors.

The cars in black look elegant. People need to be aware that black does attract heat, which may be a problem in hotter areas.

Electric Blue

Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing in Electric Blue Paint Job

There are many different shades of blue cars. Blue is a color that stands out and will give the car a different look.

Darker blues can hide dirt and dents. Lighter shades of blue will allow the car to have an excellent appearance.

This car is for those thawhont something different and want a car that will look great. Electric blue is one of those bright shades of blue that are bound to get the attention of others on the road.

Deep Silver

Silver Nissan GT with Gold Wheels Pictures
Deep Silver Nissan GT by Rohana Wheels

This color offers something that the other colors do not. Silver offers some shine, some class, and some glamour that other colors don’t offer.

One in every ten cars on the road is now silver. While this color is not rare, more and more people are thinking about owning a silver car. This is great for people who want a car with a bit more shine.


Chevy Equinox EV Pictures

This color is bold, and it will stand out. This color will highlight the car in a way that the other colors are not able to. Red is popular, and many people want to stand out from the crowd. This color does not blend in, so this is something to remember before getting a red car.

A person should also check with their insurance company before they purchase a red car. Some insurers will charge more money for a red car. Red is bold, and it will add some excitement to the car and even the ride.

Teal Blue

Chevy Trailblazer in Teal Blue Color

This is another popular shade of blue for cars. This shade is not as bright as the electric blue, but it will still look great. Teal is more subtle, and some shades of this even have hints of green in it.

Most people who see this car fall in love with the color and cannot imagine driving another else.

Gobi Tan

Jeep Gladiator in Gobi Tan Color

These colors are making a comeback, and they are not as gaudy as they once were. These colors will give the car a look of glam. This color is bright and inviting.

The gobi tan can also resemble a shade of gold and is great for people who want to seem famous. Gold cars are not glamorous, and they will give the car a great look.

There are many different hues to select from, and a person can go from bright to soft. The car can blend in on the road, or the color will make it stand out. With all the shades to select from, a person will find the one that is best for them.


Orange Crush Jeep Wrangler

If a person wants to be the center of attention or if they are looking to make a statement and stand out, an orange car may be a good choice for them. Orange will make people stop and take notice. This color will provide a great accent to the car.

Orange is bold, but it may not be for people who are looking to blend in and do not like attention. If a person wants to be the center of attention and wants the car to stand out, then orange is a great choice.

Dark Gray

2022 Hyndai Tucson SUV in Portofino Gray Color

This shade may not be as light as silver gray and is a shade above black. It s great for those who want to be mysterious without going too dark.

This color will hide dirt and it will allow a person to have a compromise between the lighter shades of silver and the dark shade of black.

Flat Car Paint

Source: Wristdoc

Flat color is not a specific color; it is just a paint job without any additional materials such as metallics, pearl coats, flakes, and such, just one pigment and a clear coat for gloss. This painting technique gives a matte-like finish with a bit more glossy.

The classic feel obtained with this painting technique became increasingly popular when Audi launched several models of its cars in gray with a flat finish. They called it Nardo Gray.